15 Mom Pet Peeves {Shared by Real Moms}


pet peevesCan’t think of just one? Don’t worry, these moms had a hard time choosing, too! Who knew entering the motherhood world would mean acquiring so many new pet peeves? 

“My life is more than happy Instagram posts, so if I can’t pick up your call it’s not because I’m “annoying” it’s because I’m chasing my child who’s probably about to draw with crayon on the wall, or needs a specific juice at that exact moment, or my phone is currently hidden in a pile of baby dolls.” – S.

“The glares that people give me at the slightest sound out of my happy, babbling child at a restaurant. Nothing more uncomfortable!” – T. 

“When people say, ‘You have one of each, you’re so lucky.’ No, I’m lucky because my kids are happy and healthy….gender doesn’t matter!” – L.

“No, I can’t come to your birthday party that’s in the city at 11 p.m. at night – and when our sitter isn’t available, bringing our toddler to an 8 p.m. adult dinner isn’t an option, either. And yes, I understand holidays “come once a year” but our two-year-old doesn’t fully grasp that she has to be on her best behavior when it’s hours past her bedtime. If we have to leave celebrations early, it’s to make sure our screaming toddler doesn’t ruin everyone else’s celebration.” – S.

“When people insist that my kids are hungry…and proceed to feed them junk and say, ‘See? Told you they’re hungry!'” – K.

“When other moms pretend that everything is perfect with their child. Don’t get me wrong, some children are easier than others, but there’s no such thing as a tantrum-free toddler who poops rainbows and unicorns!” – S.

“If your child is sick, and you have a play date, I think the mom should at least give a warning. There is nothing that bothers me more in the world than a child who shows up sick, and I’m left with the feeling that my child’s immune system is now doomed.” – A.

“Just because other moms may not follow a schedule or routine doesn’t mean every other mom should follow suit. I respect your chaos so please respect my structure when it comes to nap times, feeding times, and bedtime!” – S.

“It is never a good idea to ask “so, when’s the next one?” or “Time to have a baby, huh?” You never know who has been trying or who just isn’t ready, and it’s such a pain to have to defend yourself.” – B.

“Please do not kiss my twelve-week old baby if you aren’t a close friend or family member. It pisses me off. And unless I tell you it’s okay to hold him, just don’t.” – S.

“If I don’t ask you for parenting advice, please do not offer it unsolicited. Period. And stop asking me if my newborn is sleeping through the night yet!” – J.

“It’s never okay to post 100 photos of my kids on social media without asking for permission.” – S.

“Having people diagnose my child if he is hitting a milestone a little late. ‘Well, you know, he really should be walking by 12 months latest, maybe you should get him evaluated…’ The worst.” – D.

“Strangers who think they know my toddler better than I do. ‘Oh he’s cranky because he’s teething, not because he’s tired!'” – M.

“Moms who judge you for doing things differently than they do, and make you feel uncomfortable or, worse, like you’re a bad mom.” – E.

What’s your biggest mom pet peeve?