5 Christmas Gifts Mom Won’t Return After the Holidays



Let’s be real, here, ladies: We love our husbands so much it hurts, and we really commend them for their efforts, but sometimes, when it comes to gift giving, they just miss the mark. 

Receiving a gift you don’t love (or already have in your closet) is always awkward. Do you feel guilty of having to say, “I love it”, when really, you don’t? Do you also wish you had the, um, Christmas balls to tell your husband not to attempt to buy you dresses, or worse, shoes for the holidays? Look no further! They can’t possibly go wrong with this list of mom gifts, and knowing them, they’ll probably thank you for making their jobs just a tad bit easier. We love our hubbies, but endless hours of holiday shopping is usually not their forte… Only women are cut out for that! 😉


A classic – but how can you go wrong with a spa day? The possibilities are endless – massages, facials, mani/pedi, haircut and blow dry, etc… Tell your husband a gift card to your favorite salon or spa will do just fine! For my birthday, my husband bought me three mani/pedis at a local salon. I still have the gift card in my wallet and when the need strikes, I get free pampering! It doesn’t get better than that, am I right?


We’ve tried three of them in our household – Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and Green Chef – and regardless of the service you choose, it makes life so much easier. Forget grocery shopping, you have the ingredients ready to go (often pre-cut!), and meals usually take less than 45 minutes to put together. Most services offer local/seasonal/organic ingredients, too, which is a major plus. 

But what about the wine, you ask? Yes, there are also wine subscriptions out there! You can pick your own or have them selected at random, go with domestic or international wines… so many options to choose from! Check Groupon for new customer deals on these online services. 


We all know how frustrating it is to keep a house spotless. Spending the entire day on hands and knees scrubbing the grout in the kitchen tiles only to see it deteriorate within the week, vacuuming all the dog hair only to see it reappear, like magic, by the end of the day… It often feels like wasted energy. There are tons of maid services out there, and it makes life oh, so much more relaxing to focus on the important things in life.  


Sometimes, all you need is some alone time with your hubby. Kids are the best thing in the world, but sometimes, it’s important to disconnect and find yourselves again as a couple, not just Mom and Dad. Groupon has tons of cheap options for local getaways (you don’t need to fly out to Ireland to call it a “getaway”!), and that, ladies, can often feel like the best gift in the world. 


It can be anything: a day, alone, to go shopping, a girls’ day with your closest girlfriend, wine tasting with friends… anything! Just make sure you get it in writing that it’s a day free pass “on day of CHOICE”. You’ll love the idea of having a “joker” that can be used anytime you want… especially after a tough week. 




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