The ABCs of the Master Bedroom


master bedroom

Last night, as I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep, I started looking around my bedroom and realized that this room is the focal point of our home. Many families congregate in the kitchen. For us, it’s in the master bedroom. 

The master bedroom is at the very top of the stairs. It’s like our own little gateway. The day starts here, and it ends here. We can’t seem to pass “Go” without popping in. If my husband or I are in our bedroom, the kids will always pop in before heading to their bedrooms or heading downstairs.

It really does feel like all things family are discussed and solved here. Except for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I think we can get all things A to Z accomplished in this master bedroom!

Along with admission of any wrongdoing and applicable apologies, the master bedroom is often where we wind up to discuss and offer advice on any situations that might call for it.  

Need a break? It’s a room in our house to go to just “be.

Comfort, cuddles, commiseration, and all things co-existing.

Mom? What should I wear? Discussions and decisions about dressing for a special occasion? Drop by the master bedroom.

The “go-to” area of our home to elude everyone else. Seriously, if you can’t find someone in our house, more often than not, the escapee will be in the master bedroom. 

It symbolizes family time for sure, as it certainly seems to be the favorite place in our house! And maybe a fight. Few and far between, of course.

It’s guaranteed that we gather here for a little downtime. A giblet of gossip is always great.

Heartwarming to have a place in our home where we can be humble, honest, and happy-go-lucky. And finish last-minute homework.

Sometimes it’s ideal and idyllic. But sometimes it’s more like iffy, icky and plain ol’ idiotic.          

Great joint to jet to after the daily juggling.

Kids. Give ‘em kudos. Sharing keepsakes, a few kisses, and keeping it real.                                                                                                                                     

Life (aww…)…Laughter (haha!)…but most of all: Laundry. And lots of it.

The main headquarters of “Mom the Magician” – need I say more?

The normal nightly routine of watching some television together before nodding off.

Open door policy. Nothing is off-limits. From alpha to omega. That’s what we are here for.

Parenting 101: Peace and pensive thoughts, but mostly planning, persevering, plotting, problems, praying – and scrolling through the photos and social platforms on the phone.

Qualms about school, work, friends, etc.? Don’t quit. Just head to the master bedroom for some quiet and quality time alone.

A respite to recharge, relax, read, reminisce, or reconnect. Let the rest of the world remain non-existent for as long as possible.

Sleeping chamber. Sometimes for more than the set of people, the master bedroom is designed for.  And always a seat if you’re sick or have the sniffles. Sharing secrets and lending a sympathetic ear.

Talks and tears when you’re troubled. Talks and tears when you’re tickledpink. Don’t forget the tissues.

Ah, our little space in the universe for our family unit to unwind or offer understanding – or to ultimately offer ultimatums or chat about something for the umpteenth time.

It seems like we spend a vast amount of time here, but it is very much a value-added part of our lives.

Wine or Whine? Pick a winner.

Two GenXer parents are xenial hosts to xerox copies of themselves.

Often where we may sneak a bite of a yummy secret stash of snack while yapping about what happened yesterday.

And finally – I learned of a new word today and only hope I used it correctly, but I’d like to think our master bedroom is zoeticmeaning “of or relating to life; living; vital.”

There you have it. 26 ways (family-friendly ways, that is…!) that our bedroom is truly the master of our home. Not really sure how this phenomenon came to be or how it’s stuck over the years. But if it continues to help us bond, communicate, and grow…why not?  

And PSA: Buy the king bed. Trust me without question. Always be prepared for a child or two or three to jump in because of the ABCs of the family master bedroom.

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Melissa is a Bronx native who moved to Westchester County after she and her high school sweetheart got hitched in 1997. She and her husband live in Mount Kisco with their son Corey (2004) and daughter Mia (2007). Melissa spent many years working in Human Resources and currently works in enrollment and marketing for a child care organization. Melissa is a two-time survivor of Postpartum OCD. She initially became interested in writing to raise awareness for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders but has discovered that writing is a newfound aspect of her life that she thoroughly enjoys. Melissa is excited to write with the Westchester County Mom team and hopes you’ll enjoy her stories of the trials and tribulations of a born-n-raised city girl raising teenagers growing up here in Westchester.