Activities to Help You Beat Cabin Fever


cabin feverThe winter days are short, it’s cold outside, and everything seems dull. Boredom sets in. Kids, and moms, become cranky when kept in close quarters with fewer opportunities to burn off energy. Everyone seems to have a bad case of cabin fever! Worst of all, spring seems like a distant memory. 

In order to help you through the listlessness and mental anguish that comes with winter, I have put together a whole slew of activities to get you through to spring. Some may require more planning than others.

1. Get out the stickers, paper, paint, and glue and start crafting. Let the creative juices flow. I am definitely a proponent of having a box of craft supplies available all year round, but especially in winter!

2. Head to an indoor playground. There are lots of choices including Dave and Busters in Pelham, The Little Gym of Scarsdale, Bounce Trampoline Sports in Poughkeepsie and Valley Cottage, and Sparkilicious in Mt Kisco.

3. Bake some cookies and bring them to a senior center. This gives you something to do, and brings joy to seniors at the same time! Win-win!

4. Spend the day watching old family movies or going through old family albums.

5. If you have a pet who is willing to participate, dress them up. Let your kids dress up too to join the fun!

6. Set up a tent inside and do indoor camping. Get out the sleeping bags and flashlights, make some Smores Brownies, and tell stories. 

7. Head to your local library for story time. Borrow books to bring home and host your own story time with all the stuffed animals.

8. Pop some popcorn! Melt some chocolate over your popcorn and add in M&Ms and pretzels. Get popcorn seasonings and perform blind taste tests.

9. Create an Opposite Day. Eat breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast. Wear pjs during the day and clothes at night. Try walking backwards. 

10. Have an indoor picnic. Set up blankets, make sandwiches, and eat on the floor.

11. Set up an indoor obstacle course. Jump over seat cushions, crawl under tables, shimmy between two chairs. Winner gets to pick what’s for dinner.

12. Work on a puzzle. Go get a new puzzle that the whole family can work on together.

13. Plan a family fun day. Start with a game of bowling, then winner gets to pick which movie you go see.

14. Hide stuffed animals around the house and have the kids go on a safari. Let them find and identify all of the animals. 

15. Save the boxes from your online shopping and let your kids get creative. Turn them into cars and have a drive-in movie. Turn it into a boat and voyage across the living room. Make a rocket and head out into outer space. 

16. Get messy! Check out this list of 2 ingredient activities for kids including recipes for slime, clay, sand foam and more.

17. Throw on some music and have a dance party. Belt out your favorite tunes or have a rousing game of freeze dance.

18. Plan a staycation. Rent a hotel room with an indoor pool and enjoy time in the water with the family.

19. Head out into the cold. Go skiing or tubing or just head out and make snow angels or snow men. Then come back inside for a cuddle and some hot cocoa.

20. Have a family game night! Pick up some snacks and your favorite family game(s). Whip out Pictionary or Apples to Apples or play Mad Libs.

21. Set up food boxes and containers and play store. Take turns being the cashier and being the customer. 

22. Have a Dr. Seuss Day. Make scrambled eggs for breakfast with green food coloring. Try to balance things like the Cat in the Hat. See who can think of the most rhyming words. 

23. Take a trip to the aquarium and check out the fish. 

I hope this list helps inspire you this winter season and avoid cabin fever. Sometimes the dark dreariness of winter stifles our normal creative selves. Whenever you feel the boredom creeping in refer back to this list to find something your whole family can enjoy.  

What’s your family’s favorite way to beat cabin fever?


  1. I have a three and a half year old and I LOVE the idea of an indoor safari! These are great suggestions!

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