Montessori Inspired Gift Guide for Practical Life


When a child learns how to do something for themselves, they feel accomplished. A Montessori inspired gift is a simple way to foster independent thinking and behavior. These thoughtful items will be the most used items in your home! 

small pitcher
wavy chopper



Some basics to get your child independently cooking in the kitchen:  1. Children can practice their pouring skills with a small pitcher.  2. A wavy chopper is a good way to introduce cutting. 3. Tongs are super fun and help develop hand muscles and dexterity. 

spray bottle
broom and mop



Next time your children make a mess, encourage independent clean up: 1. Fill the spray bottle with 1/3 white vinegar and the rest with water for non-toxic fun. 2. Kids will love scrubbing dishes with a small brush. 3. A standing broom, dustpan and washable mop are the perfect trio for wet and dry spills!  

watering can
gardeing tools



Start planning for a Spring garden with the kids! 1. Allow children to practice indoors caring for the house plants with this watering can and then let them loose outdoors in warmer weather. 2. A good quality child sized trio of gardening tools will thrill any dirt-loving kid. 3. Kids love to lift and move large things, this wheelbarrow is just their size to do so! 

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