Outdoor Toys and Activities For All Ages Under $50


outdoor toys

The sun is shining, the flowers are in full bloom, and we are all struggling to figure out the next best thing to keep these kids busy! Where there is a will there is a way mamas! Social distancing does not mean that you cannot enjoy fresh air and create some new memories with your family. Check out some of these cool outdoor toys and activities. There is something for every age and interest!

Ages 2 and up 

Fisher-Price® Bubble Mower

Let your little helper think that they are pitching in with the yard work. Meanwhile, they will be creating a whirlwind of cool bubbles to play in! Maybe they will even think that chores can actually be fun. “Teach them while they’re young” they say!

Little Tikes 3-In-1 Triple Splash T-Ball Set with 3 Balls

The Triple Play Splash T-Ball Set offers 3 different ways for kids to play baseball. With stage 1, T-Ball, beginners can build confidence by using the adjustable tee. When they’re ready to step up the difficulty, kids can move on to stage 2, the Pop-Up Launcher. At stage 3, kids can hit the baseball while it’s floating on a stream of water! How cool is that?

Zuru Bunch O Balloons 280 Rapid-Filling Self-Sealing Water Balloons

Make warm weather a blast with the Zuru Bunch O Balloons set. This set has 280 water balloons that will make for an awesome water fight. They are rapid-filling, so you can even fill 100 balloons in 60 seconds! Tie them up in an instant with the special self-sealing property. Enjoy safe yet refreshing water fun with Bunch O Balloons.

Ages 5 and up 

NERF Super Soaker Scatter Blast Water Blaster

This blaster has a powerful pump-fire action, and 5-nozzle blast lets battlers launch 5 streams of water at their target! It holds up to 22 fluid ounces of water and has a flip-up sight for targeting, which is pretty cool. You may want to stand clear of this one mom!

Jetson Jupiter Light-Up Scooter

With over 100 LED lights on the handlebar stem, wheels, and deck, the Jetson Jupiter Folding Kick Scooter is sure to light up the way for nonstop outdoor play! Kick up the routine stroll for fresh air a notch, with this, and I am sure you won’t need to drag your kid along. 

Triple Water Slide – Sun Squad™

The Sunsquad™ Blue Triple Slide provides a well-balanced opportunity for fun as well as competition for little ones. The 18’ slide has a water-filled Aqua Ramp™ at the beginning of the slide, which launches kids into a super-fast ride that ends with a drench pool splash landing. As if that didn’t sound awesome enough, there are built-in water sprayers that provide a water cascade effect, which also keeps the lanes slick. The three lanes are perfect for racing, so get ready to keep score of the fastest!

8 and Up

Kryptonics 22.5” Torpedo Skateboard – Black

This 22.5” classic torpedo complete skateboard comes already assembled and ready to ride. Could you ask for anything more? Give your big kid the opportunity to coast by while soaking up some sun. 

VTech Kidi Star Dance

Get your kids moving and grooving with the Kidi Star Dance! Fully equipped with on the motion-activated bands and 20 cool dance moves to learn step by step with an animated dance instructor. Color-changing lights flash along to the music to transport you to that party that you wish you could attend! You can have a dance battle or just a good time shaking off some pent up energy. 

Outset Family Scavenger Hunt In A Box

Who doesn’t love a good old fashion scavenger hunt? This kit comes with different categories tailored to capture the interest and kick up the difficulty level based on the age group. Get your kids outside and put those eyes to work, looking at something other than those screens that they are all required to gaze at all day long! 

Ages 11 and up 

NERF Fortnite Target Set

Show off those dart-blasting skills and let your kids take their Fortnite battles into real life with this Nerf Fortnite Targeting Set! It includes 2 micro blasters, a target, and 10 Nerf Elite suction darts. Set it up quickly and easily, then launch into fun games with family and friends. 

Franklin Sports Blackhawk 4’x 3’ Pop-Up Soccer Goal

Whether your children are already training, playing short-sided games, or just kicking a ball around for fun, Franklin’s Blackhawk Portable Soccer Goal is perfect for impromptu play. It is lightweight and portable, which makes for easy clean up when you are ready to get it out of sight! 

Schwinn Unisex Adult Adjustable Inline Skate – Black/Blue 6-7

These Schwinn adjustable adult inline skates feature a molded shell that adjusts sizes with the simple push of a button. The form-fitting comfort liner and cam-lever buckle make for a perfect fit. These are great for older kids learning to skate or for mom’s and dad’s looking for a new fitness routine! These make a great outdoor addition for the whole family

I hope you found something new in this roundup, and please don’t be shy. Share some of your favorite outdoor toys and activities with us in the comments!