Alla lives in Ardsley with her husband, two teenage girls and fluffy Havanese dog named Oliver. She is a camp director in Dobbs Ferry for the last 11 years which is her second career. Prior to this career change, she was in finance for over 18 years. Alla enjoys cooking, travel, yoga, good wine and reality TV. Her motto is 'I can learn to do anything and laugh at myself trying.' Learning to live with teenagers and sending them off to college may be the biggest learning curve yet!
still grateful

Still Grateful on Thanksgiving in a Pandemic

On any given year, as Halloween passes and the start of the holiday season begins, my heart warms at the thought of Thanksgiving. My family hosts, and nothing gives me more pleasure. The house comes...
anniversary advice

20th Wedding Anniversary – Advice To Myself 20 Years Ago

Twenty years together is no small event. I am proud and happy to celebrate with my husband and family. It gave me an occasion to reflect on the past 20 years, how far we...

The Art of Debate, Friendship, and Facebook

I've recently logged on to Facebook and saw a 'friend' (Facebook friend) post..."If you believe...such and such...then we aren't friends." Well, that made me think. Even if I agree with your statement that 'such...

Re-Inventing Your Career Path for the Third Time

When I entered college, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do. Yes, at a ripe old age of 18, I had 'direction'! Truthfully, as a child of my immigrant...
mom's best friend

Mom’s Best Friend

The first time our eyes met, I felt like it was instant infatuation! There was nothing like that look he gave me and showered my face with kisses! The attraction was instant and mutual....

Comfort in Cooking With Family and Friends

My feeling of comfort associated with cooking was discovered as a college student preparing a meal after a particularly rough week of exams. I remember whipping up steak and mashed potatoes with carrots. The...

A House Is a Home: What It Means to Move On

What does it mean to live in your home? Is it just the floor, the walls, the roof? And when you leave,  does it mean that your home is gone? What do you leave...
grown up

Being a Grown-Up Sucks and I Don’t Want to Do It Anymore

After the last few weeks of life throwing curveballs, I've come to a decision. I don't want to be a grown-up anymore.  I've decided to give up on adulthood and be a child again. The...

Is It Right To Admit When You Are Wrong?

I must have been told by my kids a thousand times, "You never admit when you are wrong! You never say you are sorry!"  I wonder if it is their filtered perception (which is, of...

Is Talking With Friends About Money Taboo?

My sister and I had a long conversation not too long ago about providing for our children, retirement, and living 'comfortably,' and what all of that will mean financially? We actually talked numbers, how...