Brigid Motta

Brigid spends her days working in Rockland County, and her nights sharing meals with her husband, Jeff, and chasing her son, Anthony. A New York native, she was raised in Suffolk County, went to college in The Bronx, and now resides in New Rochelle. An aspiring philanthropist, she loves comedy podcasts, a good tv show to tweet about, and long conversations with funny people.

A Toast to the Mundane Milestones

I grabbed a dish out of a cabinet and noticed the bowl that I had previously designated as the soaking bowl for bottles and breast pump parts was back in its rightful place, ready...

Defying Expectations and Forcing Adaptation

Life with a 20-month-old has been a perpetual lesson in adapting and going with the flow. From the get-go, this kid has zigged when we were expecting a zag. I was prepared for at least...
sleep regression

The Night I Gave in to the Sleep Regression

My son’s sleep patterns have always been a bit of a challenge: starting very rough, smoothing out when he first moved to his crib, then hitting the four-month-old sleep regression that didn’t end until we...
toddler leash

In Defense of Using “A Leash” With My Toddler

I recently took my almost 2-year-old son to our town’s street fair. Since my husband was at work, and my son can be hit-or-miss with wanting to sit in his stroller, we brought “Ryan...
toddler sleep

A Survival Guide For An Early Toddler Bed Transition

My son has always been a climber, more content playing on the outside of his jumper than the inside at around 7 months old. The jumper was trashed a good two months earlier than...

How I Met Your Father: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Jeff and I first met during our Sophomore year of college, in the place where all life-changing romances do, the cafeteria. I was dating someone else at the time, and eating dinner by myself...

Scaring Myself Every Day, For My Son’s Sake

I headed into the New Year with a new job, in a completely new industry from the one I had spent my entire post-collegiate career. This job is one that I accepted for a...

What Role Should Santa Play in Our Christmas?

My son, who just turned one, will be celebrating his second Christmas this December, and my husband and I have been starting what will be our family traditions, like spending Christmas Eve at my...
Love letter to my son's caretakers

A Love Letter To My Son’s Caretakers

My husband and I were very fortunate that when the decision to find full-time childcare for our son needed to be made, our family stepped up. My mother-in-law is his primary caretaker, with other...

What I Learned In My First Year Of Parenthood

My son's first birthday has been full of opportunities to reflect and reminisce about where we were from pre-pregnancy to the present. That reflection, as well as sharing stories with other moms and pregnant...