Christine was born and raised on Long Island and now calls Westchester home. She and her husband Marc have lived in Hawthorne since 2014. With a background in PR and Marketing, she's now a freelance writer and stay-at-home mom of two. Christine loves to travel, read (when she has the time!), practice yoga, and try out new recipes (that she hopes her kids will actually eat).
A boy reading a book in the library.

For the Love of Reading

My house is full of readers. Since taking them home from the hospital, my husband and I have read to our kids every night. And I truly believe this sparked not only a love...
A woman decorating a Christmas tree.

Keeping Traditions Alive

This is a very personal post, so please bear with me. After losing my mother this year, each holiday celebration has been somewhat difficult (to say the least). But although I'm grieving her absence, I'm...
showing gratitude

Giving Thanks and Showing Gratitude

After leaving a really fun party, my daughter got upset that it was over the other day. She didn't want it to end. This happens a lot with my kids after the fun ends...
Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos

Of course, we all know about the big holiday celebrated at the end of October. What's not to love about Halloween? You get to dress up and get tons of free candy. Sounds good...
kindness of strangers

The Kindness of Strangers

The other day I was strolling my cart through the grocery store, minding my business, just trying to get through the mundanity of my weekly shopping trip. To my surprise, as I was about...
just because

National Just Because Day

August 27th is National Just Because Day. I think this is a great excuse to do things "just because" for both kids and adults alike. Pay a stranger a compliment, eat all your meals...
meet Christine

From Suburbs to City and Back Again: Meet Christine

Hi all! My name is Christine, and I'm excited to begin the journey as a Westchester County Moms contributor. So, a little bit about me...I was born and raised on Long Island, yet I...