Cindy has split her adult life between New Orleans, New York, and traveling the world. She has called Westchester home since moving from New Orleans in 2017. She has one daughter, born in 2012. When not parenting, Cindy can be found teaching, traveling, and dabbling in crafting and music. Cindy and her family are fawning caretakers of a Turks and Caicos Potcake dog and two Burmilla cats.
won't censor

No, I Won’t Censor for My Little Kid

I use the word “no” a lot with my almost eight-year-old daughter -- to most requests for junk food, to staying up “just a little bit later,” to “just one more episode” of her...
travel during pandemic

Tips for Travel During a Pandemic

Our family is not designed to stay put.  This may ruffle some feathers, but I'll say it: when we sensed that our geographic area was going to be shut down due to the novel coronavirus,...
second shift

How Women Can Win Quarantine: Split the Second Shift

As we continue to learn about the current coronavirus pandemic, one of the facts that appears frequently (no matter which news sources one consumes) is that women are suffering fewer negative health consequences as...
house fire

A Fire Destroyed My House, But Not My Spirit

The fire that destroyed my family’s home in September 2018 fortified my bond with my husband and daughter and taught us the value of embracing change. If only just one of us had picked up...
adapting to motherhood

Adapting to Motherhood: Meet Cindy

I didn’t need to have children to complete my life.  Yes, I said it.  Now that she’s here, I love my daughter more than anything in the world. But I live alongside my child. I do...