Donia is a stay-at-home Egyptian archaeologist who majored in Egyptology. Egyptology had always been her passion since childhood. But family is her biggest passion. She lives in Mount Kisco with her husband Ayman, their daughters Dania (2005) and Mirette (2012), their cats Tiger and Drogo, and their German Shepherd Max. She is also a stepmom to two girls Nada (1991) and Malak (1995). When she is not busy taking care of her big family, she enjoys anything Sci-Fi and fantasy, watching cooking and baking competition shows, playing the drums, playing tennis with her husband, video games, and DIY projects. According to her girls, she particularly enjoys event and travel planning for her family and always goes all-out and prepares too much for an event. She is excited to join Westchester County Mom to share her experience as an expat and mom.
A girl holding a bunch of balloon animals.

Balloon Animals: A Random Act of Kindness

My 10-year-old just learned how to make balloon animals. She bought a bunch of balloons and materials with her own money. She was so excited to acquire a new skill, and in a matter...
A girl carrying shopping bags.

5 Things My Kids Love About Mount Kisco

I asked my kids what they love about Mount Kisco, and here is what they said. 1. Diversity Mount Kisco is ethnically diverse. The village has a history of drawing immigrants from Italy, Ireland, and, more...
A woman sitting holding her back.

Overcoming Chronic Conditions and Chronic Pain

Chronic conditions and chronic pain add an extra challenge to every task, relationship, and aspect of life, and parenting is no exception. I’ve always been “sick.” Since infancy, I spent much of my time at...
A teen driving a car.

On Turning 17

When your kid is 15 years old, they still need you. They are still not old enough to do many things on their own, and they still have that same face since they were...
A woman reading the news while eating breakfast.

The News of the World

Over the past two years, we lived through world-shifting events, from a deadly pandemic to a racial justice movement, all within months of each other. There have been catastrophic wildfires across the globe, and...
A woman cheering on a computer.

Is It Just Me?

Is it just me, or do you feel happy and almost relieved knowing the little “odd” things you do are also done by so many others, or the feelings you have towards something are...
A woman on a job interview.

Change Is the Only Constant in Life

I am so frustrated with my current job search. As a stay-at-home mom in the job market, I’m worthless. The “gap” in my resume, the lack of actual “workplace” experience, and being 40 years...
Two girls baking with a woman.

Do I Have a Favorite Child?

Do I have a favorite child? When I asked my sixteen-year-old to take out the trash the other night, a task she has done many times before, I did not expect what came next. It...

Depression Confessions

For the longest time, I couldn’t talk about my mental health. I wasn’t allowed to. People around me dismissed any “negative” thoughts I had to share, preferring instead to call me ungrateful, ungodly, or...
family means

What Having a Family Means

I grew up surrounded by a huge family. My father had a crazy large family on his mother’s side in Cairo. He even had a bigger one on his father’s side in Upper Egypt....