Erica currently lives in Rye Brook with her husband, two daughters (Ella and Lena) and dog Mabel (their first born). She is a speech pathologist, working part time for the Tarrytown School District. When she's not at school, she's running her own speech practice for individuals with communication disorders. In her spare time (yeah right), she loves to read, create materials for other educators to use, and aspires to be in pajamas by 6:00 p.m. every night (don’t judge)!
failing parent

The Failing Parent – How I Finally Gave Myself the Break I Deserved

I’ve always been hard on myself. In school, my grades were never good enough. As a teenager, I was never thin enough. And now, as an adult, I’m never “mom” enough. Every night I...
tired of looking tired

Tired of Looking Tired – 7 Things Every Mom Needs In Her Bag of...

Puffy eyes, dark under-eye circles, dry skin, gray hair coming in faster than I can manage. All signs that I am a mom (and probably a tired one at that). Have you ever felt...

Upping My Water Game

Congratulations, you have officially met the world’s worst water drinker. It’s true. I have gone hours, even days, without having one sip of water, only sustaining on coffee, soda, or juice. Gross, I know. Friends...
summer mom hacks

7 Simple Summer Mom Hacks to Save your Sanity

Summer is here, and us moms are ready to cool down and relax (or try to)! Whether you are traveling or simply relaxing in your backyard all summer, check out my favorite mom hacks...

An Apple Picking Dilemma – What to do with all those apples?

Every year, my cousins and I all get together with our kids to apple pick. It's a family tradition and we always look forward to the time we spend together. Truth be told, it...
agenda book

Why This Mama is Never Getting Rid of Her Agenda Book

I love everything technology. My house is completely "Googled" out. I always have the newest iPhone and love all things tech that make my life easier! I remember how excited I was when the...

Sunglasses: The Top 5 Reals and Steals of 2019

Summer is just around the corner and what would a bright, hot summer day be without a perfect pair of sunnies? Shopping for sunglasses can be stressful. There are thousands to choose from and...
emergency mom kit

Making a Mom Emergency Kit Every Mama Needs

Picture this…I intended on taking a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up more milk (I know, I should never have let it get that low). I'm on my way to the...
behavior chart

The Power of Behavior Charts

As a parent and educator, I am a strong believer in the fact that kids need visuals to learn and make a change. Raise your hand if you feel you are the mom that...
crockpot dinners

Crazy for Crockpots – Slow Cooking in a Fast Paced World!

I don't know about you, but my crockpot had been sitting in the same kitchen cabinet collecting dust since I received it off my wedding registry 10 years ago. There are countless reasons why...