Erin is the mother of one sweet, rambunctious toddler and wife to a talented chef. Professionally, she is a former special educator and preschool teacher, and is currently a cognitive neuroscience researcher and Ph.D candidate in Cognitive Science in Education with specializations in neuroscience, cognitive development, and neurodiversity/autism. She holds masters degrees in cognitive science, and neuroscience in education, from Teachers College, Columbia University, and undergraduate degrees in special education (with an additional concentration in elementary education and a minor in English) and early childhood education. As the wife of a chef, food is a huge part of her family culture, and she enjoy both cooking and baking. Some of her other hobbies include hiking, traveling, jogging, meditation, animal rescue, playing piano and guitar, crafting, reading, and of course, writing. You can follow her parenting journey and pick up tips on great kids activities here on Westchester Moms Blog, as well as her website (, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts.
A dog standing in the snow after training.

Why to Train Your Dog

I recently discovered that January is National Train Your Dog Month. I guess we have celebration months and awareness days for everything now? But while the number of awareness days and months borders on...
A mom working next to her son.

Even the Pros Aren’t Perfect

Professionals and professional organizations are constantly updating guidance on child-rearing practices to align with the latest research. This leads to more parenting musts and must-not than I could list here. Suffice it to say;...
A view from a hotel room.

Why Didn’t I Do This Sooner?!

The following statement is obvious, but it bears repeating; being a mom is a full-time job—one with none of the pay and atypical benefits. Your average career will offer weekends off, paid vacation (hopefully),...
A mother feeding her children.

Fearing Food Allergies with Child Two

Being the parent of a child with food allergies means a lot of fear; for their health, safety, and emotional well-being. When reactions do occur, they can be traumatized for both the patient and...
Halloween and food allergies

Halloween Should Be Scary Fun, but for My Family, It Can Be Plain Scary

Halloween is when many kids (and adults) like to engage in scares for fun. Haunted houses, spooky costumes, scary movies, and being terrified are part of the seasonal festivities for many. But for some...
A woman hiking the Catskills.

Family-Friendly Hikes Near Westchester :: The Catskills

This is the second installment of Westchester County Mom's Hiking the Hudson Valley feature. You can read the first in the series (and get descriptions of my Family Hike Challenge Factor) here. The Catskill Mountains may...
family at the beach

Needing a Vacation from Your Vacation

Who doesn't love summer? Traveling, warm weather, ample sunshine. And family vacations! But all seasoned moms know, you are going to need a vacation from your vacation. Who doesn't enjoy loading up the car with...
A mom hiking with a baby carrier.

Family-Friendly Hikes in Westchester (and Beyond)

This post is the first in a Hiking the Hudson Valley series for Westchester County Mom.  When I moved to Westchester, I knew one of the first things I wanted to do was hit the...
A big brother kissing his baby sister.

Becoming a Big Sibling

To my first baby, It was just us for so long. And then, one day, we knew it wouldn't be like that anymore. You were going to be a big brother. Mommy was going to...
A woman saying no to peanuts.

What I Wish People Knew About Food Allergies

Approximately 1 in 13 children and 1 in 10 adults in the United States have food allergies. These are common conditions, yet it still feels like an uphill battle to raise awareness and keep...