Jen is three-year resident of Westchester County and a five-year resident of Mommyhood. She enjoys writing, reading, coffee, wine, Disney World, and traveling with her husband, five year old daughter, two year old son, and 13 month old tiny son. She used to teach high school English in the city, but she decided to give up that stress for the stress of being a SAHM. Her least favorite things to do are laundry and dishes, but those seem to be the two things she puts the most energy into, hoping that one day, someone will create a Roomba-like device that will gather, sort, pretreat, wash, dry, fold, and put away the now clean clothes that her children shed like snakeskin around the house. Aside from dishes and laundry, Jen also occupies her free moments traveling and writing for her blog Three Kids and A Car where she provides travel tips and stories she’s collected since she first started bringing her daughter with her while she traveled the world.
going to the doctor

Awkward Mom Moments: Going to the Doctor

Now, I'm not ashamed to admit that I hate going to the doctor for myself. It's not fun to have a person's attention directed solely at me, where I discuss all the ins and...
play date

Awkward Mom Moments: Setting Up a Play Date

I had heard the stories of the awkwardness of having children. But before I had children, those stories were really just tales of pregnancy and delivery. Moments when dignity was placed to the side...

Please Stop: Your Kind Advice Is Not Helping Me

I'm a mom. I get advice—a lot of it. There was a time when I was a first-time mom, and I solicited it quite often. I didn't care who they were. If they had...
volunteer with young kids

Volunteering with Young Children in Westchester County

As unfortunate as it sounds, when my kindergartener volunteers to help me with small tasks like dusting the coffee table or cleaning the windows, I know not to get too excited. More likely than...
Motherhood changed me.

10 Ways I have Irrevocably Been Changed by Motherhood

I'm not going to bore you by going on and on about all the ways motherhood has changed me. You won't hear me erupt with emotions about having found a pure, true love, or...
angry mom

Finding My Worth: My Angry Journey as a Stay-at-Home Mom

He was only 22 months old when he quietly said it. And it was the second time it happened. The words were simple and slid easily out of his little mouth. "Sorry, Mommy." That...

I’m Going to Miss Those Snow Days

Mommas, I've been lying to many of you. Straight up lying. Often to your faces.  You see Mommas, I love snow days, and I will miss them now that Spring has (finally) started to peek...

Dear Stay-at-Home Mom, Dear Working Mom: An Exchange of Words

Not long ago, I went to dinner at an old friend's house. She's the kind of friend that I don't get to see every day or even every month, but I've known for years...
Valentine's Day

In Gratitude: A Valentine’s Day Ode to the Women I Have Known

My grandmother was a songbird of a woman. She was always full of laughter and stories. This explains why the front door to her home, opening into the wide, dark entry way was never...

Parenthood as Partnership: Taking One for the Team

It's 10 a.m. on a Saturday morning and I have a two year old slung on my hip while my three year old and six year old each wrap themselves around a leg, the...