Jen is three-year resident of Westchester County and a five-year resident of Mommyhood. She enjoys writing, reading, coffee, wine, Disney World, and traveling with her husband, five year old daughter, two year old son, and 13 month old tiny son. She used to teach high school English in the city, but she decided to give up that stress for the stress of being a SAHM. Her least favorite things to do are laundry and dishes, but those seem to be the two things she puts the most energy into, hoping that one day, someone will create a Roomba-like device that will gather, sort, pretreat, wash, dry, fold, and put away the now clean clothes that her children shed like snakeskin around the house. Aside from dishes and laundry, Jen also occupies her free moments traveling and writing for her blog Three Kids and A Car where she provides travel tips and stories she’s collected since she first started bringing her daughter with her while she traveled the world.

A Dirty Secret and a Confession: My Family’s Relationship with iPads

Ok. I'll admit it. Without shame. Here it is: I let my children use iPads; in fact, they each have their own. And they're three and five. And I'll go one step further: they've...
The Seven Emotional Stages of Vacationing without Kids

The Seven Emotional Stages of Vacationing without Kids (x2)

I'll be the first to admit it: There hasn't been a lot of opportunity to travel without my children since they've made their presence known in this world. And that's generally by choice. I want...
When the fairies in the wall become dangerous

When the Fairies in the Wall Become Dangerous: Teaching My Daughter about Strangers

It's 9:45 on a cold Monday night, and I'm digging around in search of gel pens and one of those fancy "grown up" coloring books. I need to make some colorful, glitterful picture before...