A New Hampshire native, Jennifer has been living in the Greater New York City/Westchester County area most of her adult life. She is a recent graduate of SUNY Purchase College where she received her degree in Creative Writing, and her work has appeared in The Madras Mag, The Italics Mine blog and elsewhere. She and her husband Chris are parents to Peri (4) and Callie (11 months). Jennifer is working on her first novel.
more than a mommy

More Than a Mommy

I want to start by saying that I love being a mother. I always knew I’d like it once I was out of my partying twenties and actually decided that I wanted to have...

Breastfeeding Is Hard (At Least It Is For Me)

There are a couple of myths about childbirth and child-rearing that I’ve found to be, well, myths. For example, I always thought my water was supposed to break in a torrent while dining at...
shifting focus

Shifting Focus

I started running way back before I had children—before I was even married. When I was young and single, I lived in this attic apartment in Weehawken that I liked to imagine was very...

Phantom :: A Night At The Westchester Broadway Theatre

Last Friday night I had the privilege of attending the season-opening of Phantom at The Westchester Broadway Theatre. That’s Phantom, the book by Arthur Kopit, and music and lyrics by Maury Yeston. Not The...
silver linings

Silver Linings

It’s not hyperbole to say that my family and I had a horrible summer. If you follow my posts, you know that my husband’s Aunt and Godmother died in June from ovarian cancer. My...

How a Carnival Helped Me Fight Grief

In June, my husband’s aunt died after a long and incredibly courageous battle with ovarian cancer. I say “my husband’s aunt,” because biologically that is who she was, but it doesn’t accurately describe what...
defense of older moms

In Defense of Older Moms

The other day a pregnant friend told me she’d been strong-armed by her ObGyn into submitting to an invasive genetic screening due to her “advanced maternal age.” She’s thirty-six. I’ll leave the rant about...
life un-hacked

Life Un-hacked

I’d like to write a piece bursting with never-before-heard life-hacks for balancing your job, your spouse, your kids, and all of the million and one things that go along with them. I am a...

How I Learned to Love LEGOS

When I was growing up, I hated LEGOs. Before you balk, let me give you some context. My younger brother and I are eight years apart. For a little while during my mid-teens, we...

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Reading, Part II

This is Part Two of my book recommendation post. Last month I chose a few books for young readers that explained some tough situations. This month, I’ve found a few titles aimed at helping...