Jessica was born and raised in Northern Westchester. She now resides in Bedford Corners with her husband David and three children, Talia (2013), Wyatt (2015) and Ethan (2017). After over 15 years working in corporate communications, Jessica left her full-time job in June 2019 to become a communications consultant and stay-at-home mom. When she’s not drowning in toys, laundry and dirty dishes, Jessica enjoys exercising, reading, entertaining friends and family and cooking healthy meals.

Staycation Ideas in and Around Westchester

Summer is a great time to live in Westchester County. While many residents do set off on summer vacations, there is also plenty to do in the area for a fun, family staycation. Last August,...
children's clothing

The Best Children’s Clothing Boutiques in Westchester

There's something to be said for shopping small and local, especially when it comes to unique, high-quality clothes. Fortunately, Westchester offers many children's clothing boutiques with personalized service and offerings that are unlike anything...
women's clothing

The Best Women’s Clothing Boutiques in Westchester

Westchester is home to many great retail meccas – from The Westchester mall (I remember my first visit when they opened in 1995) to Ridge Hill. However, when you're a busy mom short on...
local nonprofits

Our Favorite Local Nonprofits

I feel fortunate to call Westchester County my home. Many of our neighbors and communities are focused on giving back and improving the places where we live and work. You can get involved with...
dinner daily

The Affordable Answer to What’s for Dinner

Meal planning for a family of five can be a time-consuming process, and, unlike most, my kids are actually great eaters. I’m always on the hunt for new, quick, and easy recipes. I often...

Spotlight on Westchester :: Bedford

We all love our own little cozy corners of Westchester. There are so many things to do and see, places to eat, and parks to visit. Who doesn’t love exploring the county and “finding”...
how will we get through winter

How Will We Get Through Winter?

I ask myself this question almost daily: How will we get through winter? The impact of COVID-19 hit our region full force last March. We were at the tail-end of winter when we began living...

Steal These Resolutions: Cheers to a Better Year

After the year we’ve all had, many of us are too exhausted and too drained to go through the annual New Year’s resolution process. I’ve simplified things and am encouraging you to steal these...
loneliness of motherhood

Combatting the Loneliness of Motherhood and Finding Purpose Beyond Parenthood

Being a stay-at-home-mom can be very lonely and isolating, especially amidst a pandemic. Ironically, when you’re a mom, you’re rarely, if ever, actually alone. The days are long, and there are little people who...
healthy eating

Tips for Raising Happy, Healthy Eaters

All three of my kids are great, healthy eaters. But I know for many parents, mealtimes are a struggle. I don’t have to sneak vegetables into my children’s foods. I am not spending hours in...