Jillian is the queen of procrastination, but always ends up finishing all of her tasks in a bit of a panic. Born and raised in Queens, NY she moved to Westchester just over 13 years ago. It wasn’t until she met her husband that she finally considered Westchester her home. A part time freelance makeup artist, and also a stay at home mom to a sassy stubborn 2 year old daughter. A good book, some wine, and her Playstation 4 keep her sane.
A woman dealing with depression.

Falling Apart: An Introverted Mom Dealing with Depression

You can feel it. Building up. Somewhere deep inside. It starts with your room looking like a hurricane went off. Laundry everywhere. You keep telling yourself you'll get to it eventually, but then another week goes by, and another...
cry for my mom

I still cry for my mom

This is going to be hard for me to write. Hard for me to admit. Anyone who knows me says that I keep a wall around myself. Something that will protect me in case anything happens....
mom it yourself part 1

MIY: Mom it Yourself {Part 1}

The Fireplace. We just  bought a vacation house in the Poconos, in a cute private community right next to a lake. It's not the beach house I always wanted, but it's an escape from the...

There is No Mommy, Only Zuul

Back in my single days, I would leave when I wanted, do what I wanted, and not have to answer to anyone. If I felt like going to White Castle at 11:37pm, I'd do...
skull on a shelf.

No, It’s Not a Halloween Decoration and Yes, I Do Keep It Up Year-Round.

I've always been attracted to the macabre and the "different." Ever since I was a child, I have loved Edgar Allan Poe stories (even more so when Vincent Price or Christopher Lee reads them). My...
juice cleanse

Sacrificing Myself to the Juice Gods: A Three Day Juice Cleanse

I have always been a somewhat healthy person. I use that word very loosely. I am not an organic-only, vegan-only, all-natural type of girl. I'm far from it, actually. Give me a pure fat,...