I am the single mom of an active, creative, and amazing boy born in 2010. We moved to Yonkers in 2016 and have been loving it. I pride myself on being a College Counselor in the Bronx, reader and writer, home cook, good friend, and lover of life. Originally I am from a small town in Maine but I have lived in and loved New York (Westchester and the City) since I moved here for college (Manhattanville Alum) in 2003.
A woman on the Tinder app.

Sex and the Single Mom: My Tinder Vacation

It’s so much easier to be your best self on vacation. Your responsibilities are usually relegated to fun and relaxation. Maybe that’s what I was hoping for when I set up a Tinder account...
A mom waiting alone.

Sex and the Single Mom: Some Things You Shouldn’t Do Alone

My son recently had a minor operation at Westchester Children’s Hospital (he’s fine; they were great), and I took him by myself. This is how I do most things (hence the title, Single Mom)....
A couple on a first date.

Sex and The Single Mom: My First Date After Baby

It was summer, and my son was less than a year old. I’d lost the baby weight (don’t get me wrong, I still had all the weight I’d carried pre-baby, but I was feeling...
anxiety is not sexy

Sex and the Single Mom: Apparently, Anxiety is Not Sexy

My most recent first date was not planned, and, for me, that is something I make sure never happens. I usually spend days thinking about it and then hours getting ready for a first...
step dad

Sex and the Single Mom: No, I Don’t Want You To Be My Son’s...

My son has only ever known his parents as separate entities. Therefore, I have had approximately six years of experience dating as a single mom. At that time, my son has met two men,...
birthday dinner

Sex and The Single Mom: My Birthday Dinner

I turned 31. Lucky for me, I was invited out to celebrate with a gentleman I’ve been seeing. We’ve been dating each other for a few months, and, as I am sure many single...
son hates school

I’m a Teacher and My Son Hates School

During my childhood, school was a safe haven. It was easy, and I knew exactly what to do to succeed. No surprise then that at 21, I became a teacher myself. What was a...
chubby girls

How to Teach Chubby Girls that Their Jiggle is Okay

Sometimes I wonder how many 12-year-old girls wore control top pantyhose in the 90s? I wonder because I did, but also because I can name ten girls who probably should have. When time travel...

Sex and the Single Mom: So, What Happened with Your Son’s Dad?

I've told the story so many times that I've rehearsed the pauses. I know when to wait for my date to laugh and then cringe. "So, as I was breastfeeding our son, I opened...
social media

The Bitter Aftertaste of Social Media as a Mom

Whenever I meet someone who doesn’t use social media, I always ask, but why? How do you keep in touch with people? They respond by explaining important people call or visit in person. Or...