I am the single mom of an active, creative, and amazing boy born in 2010. We moved to Yonkers in 2016 and have been loving it. I pride myself on being a College Counselor in the Bronx, reader and writer, home cook, good friend, and lover of life. Originally I am from a small town in Maine but I have lived in and loved New York (Westchester and the City) since I moved here for college (Manhattanville Alum) in 2003.
chubby girls

How to Teach Chubby Girls that Their Jiggle is Okay

Sometimes I wonder how many 12-year-old girls wore control top pantyhose in the 90s? I wonder because I did, but also because I can name ten girls who probably should have. When time travel...

Sex and the Single Mom: So, What Happened with Your Son’s Dad?

I've told the story so many times that I've rehearsed the pauses. I know when to wait for my date to laugh and then cringe. "So, as I was breastfeeding our son, I opened...
social media

The Bitter Aftertaste of Social Media as a Mom

Whenever I meet someone who doesn’t use social media, I always ask, but why? How do you keep in touch with people? They respond by explaining important people call or visit in person. Or...

How My Pregnancy Has Made Me Think Twice About Living in America

  I’m seven months pregnant and battling severe anemia. I take assurances that this means my baby girl is getting everything she needs (there just isn’t a lot left over for me). For a little...

Sex and the Single Mom: The Final Chapter

I grew up perpetually single, never quite fitting into the boxes set aside for women in small-town Maine. In fact, I often sought to tear them down or stand beside them in opposition. Perhaps...

Taking a Summer Vacation From the Digital World

For the last four years, my mother, son, and I have taken a vacation in Vacationland - also known as my home state of Maine. More people live in Southern Westchester County than in...

Living With My Mom on Mother’s Day

When I was 24 and found out I was, miraculously, pregnant - all I wanted was my mom. At the time, I lived 100s of miles and several states away from her. I...
Easter bunny

The Easter Bunny and other Mythological Creatures

This year my son and I will have the “talk” about all the mythical creatures of his childhood - starting with The Easter Bunny. He is eight and a half, so, naturally, last year...

Every Family Needs A Dog

Growing up I always had a dog … and a cat … and for a while farm animals ranging from sheep to chickens, goats to turkeys. Animals taught me aspects of responsibility that have...

Menopause the Musical at the Westchester Broadway Theater

In high school I was voted “Most Likely to be on Broadway” and shortly thereafter moved from my small Maine town of 300 people to New York for college. Nearly every weekend, I’d stand...