Kristen is the proud mom of two wonderful, smart and sassy daughters (born in 2007 and 2011). Raising her kids as a single mom is a challenge and an adventure and she loves every minute of it. Kristen loves bringing up her girls in the same area of Westchester that she grew up in, having only moved a few miles from her childhood home. A long time passion for working with children led Kristen to pursue a career in education and she has been an elementary school teacher in the Bronx for over a decade. Her teaching career has taught her that every day is a new experience and to "expect the unexpected." If she can find any spare time between teaching and motherhood, Kristen likes to read, binge watch horrible romantic comedies on TV, bake, and go on road trips with her girls.
Teacher gifts.

Your Kid’s Teacher Doesn’t Need A Crayon Monogram: Gifts Teachers Really Love

Do you know how to tell how long someone has been teaching? Look in their cabinet and see how many mugs they have. I get at least one every year. As a teacher, I...

I’ve Been Apple Picking…Now What?

I love the fall, especially apple picking. However, there are only so many Macs a girl can eat before the thought of one more apple makes your eyes cross. They say an apple a...
left the tablets home

Why I Left the Tablets Home

Not long ago, I took a little road trip with my kids. Nothing new there, as we are always on the go. Yet this trip was different. This trip was an experiment. One that...
don't have anything nice to say

If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say…

Yesterday the mama bear in me came out. I had to keep myself restrained, but I really wanted to explode. My girls and I were at the park, which was practically empty due to...
same as you

Why Isn’t Your Child the Same As You?

My family portrait may be a little unconventional. There are only three people in it; my two daughters and myself. My girls have beautiful, thick brown hair and skin the color of a caramel...
mom vs. mom

Mom vs. Mom: Why Do Moms Judge Each Other?

Let me paint a picture for you. I'm holding a newborn. My apartment is dark, and I'm sitting in a red bucket chair. I'm trying desperately to breastfeed, and it's just not working. The...
Thanksgiving craft ideas

Kids’ Thanksgiving Crafts that are Better than Hand Turkeys

When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of mashed potatoes, family, hot air balloons, football, and a parade of hand-print turkeys taped to my fridge door. Oh, those turkeys. As an art teacher in...

The Siwa Sensation: One Mom’s Tale of Preteen Fad Obsession

The sparkles. The bows. The lyrics that mean next to nothing. The gotta have it merchandise. The never-ending songs on replay booming out of your Alexa while your daughter sings and dances wildly across...

Better Breakfast Ideas

Everyone knows the old saying, "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day," and it is true. Eating breakfast kick-starts your metabolism and can get your day going in the right direction. But...

Mambo Italiano: A Night at Westchester Broadway Theatre

Picture this, you've had a delicious dinner, coffee, desert, and even a drink. The lights get low and suddenly your transported to a little Italian restaurant in the middle of New Jersey. There's singing,...