Lelia was raised in Queens, NY and moved to White Plains, NY as a teenager. She is the proud mother of three biological children and two bonus children. After the birth of her second child, she made the transition from career woman and working mom to a stay-at-home mommy juggling “two under two.” Recently she decided to test the waters as an entrepreneur and became the sole proprietor of How Many Hatz Coaching; promoting self-care, health, and wellness; while encouraging women to focus on their personal and professional development. Connect with Lelia on Instagram at @how_many_hatz for daily inspiration and mom/life hacks!
back to school

Who Is 100% Confident in the Plan for Children Returning to School This Fall?

I don’t know who is 100% ready to send their kids back to school, but I can tell you with certainty that I am NOT! To be completely honest, if just thinking about it...
home delivery

Westchester Home Delivery Service Guide

As we continue to figure out how to navigate through this challenging time together, it is so important for us to provide you with the most useful and relevant information a soon as it...

How to Be an Ally to the Black Community

Let me start off by acknowledging the confusion and fear that many of you are experiencing. As the world watches the rise of our Black Lives Matter movement, people are shocked, hurt, and most...
outdoor toys

Outdoor Toys and Activities For All Ages Under $50

The sun is shining, the flowers are in full bloom, and we are all struggling to figure out the next best thing to keep these kids busy! Where there is a will there is...
choose myself

Without Guilt, I Finally Chose MYSELF!

As a mother, it is so easy to put the needs of everyone else before your own. It’s almost an unspoken rule, one that we would never dare to dream of breaking. Unfortunately, the...
dating spouse

Dating Your Spouse Without Leaving the House

Relationships are truly put to the test during challenging times. Whether the obstacles are personal, financial, or environmental, the stress of any conflict can make it easy for us to put a wall up....
coronavirus resources

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Guide for Westchester County

During this chaotic time, keeping calm is easier said than done. Anxiety and fear are quickly taking over, and with good reason. We want to help alleviate some of the stress associated with the...
Leap Year

Put Your Extra Day to Use This Leap Year

You all know the saying, “There are just not enough hours in the day.” Don’t even get me started on how there aren’t enough days in the week. We spend Monday through Friday eagerly...
New Year's resolutions

Ditch the Same Old “New Year, New Me” Speech

Some of us had been counting down the days, waiting for a new year to come. While simultaneously, many of us had no clue to where the past year went. I don't know about...

High Tide Happy Hour at Bartaco Port Chester

Bartaco Port Chester has recently announced that they will be extending High Tide, which is their version of Happy Hour! In our quest to find a variety of Westchester's best local spots, this location was...