Nicole is a proud mother to her three children, Reagan, Johnny, and Tristan. She and her husband, John, keep busy with their two fur babies, Henry and Teddy. Nicole lives in Somers with her crazy crew, and when she’s not wiping noses, serving snacks, and reading “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?”, she’s writing for her blog, Mama Explains, which offers relatable parenting tips and stories. You can find her on Instagram @mamaexplains or visit her blog at She’s also a huge lover of Nutella, nineties music, and her Peloton bike, which she rides mainly for the ’90s-themed classes.
Three mom friends.

Choosing Your Mom Tribe

When I first became a mother at age thirty, many of my friends were either single, newly engaged, planning crazy bachelorette parties, or recently married. Many were in the lovely honeymoon phase while I...
meet Nicole

Changing Who I Think I’m Supposed to Be: Meet Nicole

Before I had children, I had always defined myself the same way. Whenever I was introduced to someone, the conversation always started with an enthusiastic, “Hi, I’m Nicole! It’s so nice to meet you!” I...