Nidhi lives in Mamaroneck with her husband Chandan and their baby Ishaan. She is a Women’s Health Physical Therapist and specializes in working with women during pregnancy, after childbirth, and the years beyond. She understands (through clinical and personal experience) how hard pregnancy and motherhood can be on a woman’s body. Her passion is to empower women to prevent problems before they happen, know when (and how) to get the care, and always feel at home in their bodies. Nidhi practices locally in Mamaroneck NY and in Midtown Manhattan. Along with helping women in her clinic, she also speaks at local libraries, childbirth education classes, and hospitals to debunk common myths and spread awareness about pelvic health. In her free time (which there isn’t a lot of), she loves exercising, hiking, learning ballet, and planning vacations. Connect with Nidhi through her Instagram page @pelvis.andbeyond (and learn everything about pelvic floor and pregnancy) or visit her clinic website to work with her at
A mother dropping her child off at daycare.

Dilemma of a Working Mom

“It gets easier,” I told her, gently touching her shoulder and offering the compassionate smile of a fellow mama who had been there. She looked at me, desperately trying to keep her composure. It...
A woman folding her hands in front of her body.

Help! My Vagina Is Falling Out

Every few weeks, I see a woman in my clinic who is extremely distressed about what’s suddenly happening to her body and often on the verge of a breakdown as I ask about her...
A woman showing her postpartum mom bod.

This Will Not Be the Year I Fix My “Mom Bod”

The buzz of new year’s resolutions is all around. Everywhere you look, there is a program for discovering your best self in the new year, and it always involves weight loss, dieting, and getting...
A family together in India.

Caught Between Two Worlds

My American-born COVID baby went to India for the first time and met his big extended Indian family! It was a big deal for me. I wanted this for him from the moment he...
pelvic floor

Will a Cesarean Surgery Save Your Pelvic Floor?

Pregnancy is a time of so many important decisions. Which birthplace should you choose? How do you pick your birth team? And an important choice to make is desired mode of birth.  With more awareness...
A mother holding her son before school.

I’m a Scared Mom in a Country Full of Guns

I started writing this article a while ago, all fired up and ready to say what’s on my mind. But the longer I thought about it, the harder it became to write anything. I...
A woman demonstrating how the bladder works.

Mind Over Bladder  

One of the most common complaints from new (and not so new) mamas in my clinic is bladder troubles. More than their baby, their bladder is often running their life. They think twice before...
A pregnant woman.

A Letter to My Pregnant Self

Dear Pregnant Self, I know you have prepared for this pregnancy. You’ve read all the books, taken classes, and asked all the questions. You’ve always been such a good student (read control freak). You want...
A woman holding her crotch because she has to pee.

“Pee” Is for Postpartum – 3 Reasons Why Your Bladder Is Ruining Your Life

When my baby was one week old, a friend sent me a meme of a woman gifting another woman a goodie bag full of pantyliners. The text read: “Welcome to Motherhood: You Now Pee...
Holi celebration

Color Me Happy!

 I am a sucker for festivities, but one of my favorite holidays is the Indian festival of colors called “Holi.” Holi is one of the major festivals across the country and is significant...