Ruth Berkowitz lives in Scarsdale with her husband and two girls (born in 2005 and 2009), a Havanese named Scout (a Corona puppy), and beta fish, Lilly. During the day, Ruth works in marketing at a health insurance start-up. By night, when she's not driving her kids around, she plays tennis and mah jongg, volunteers for various organizations, and updates the family calendar. She immensely enjoys sitting in front of the TV with chamomile tea, an ice cream sundae, and a chewy cookie in hand.

A Tree, a Family, a History

Knowing their family history and where they came from gives kids a sense of belonging, and in fact, is the single best predictor of children's emotional health and happiness, according to research cited in...
meal kits

Meal Kits Have Saved Our Sanity

The pandemic has brought out quite a bit around the monotony of life, nowhere more prevalent than with food. At our house, we are so sick of food. We are sick of planning it....

Spotlight on Westchester :: Scarsdale

We all love our own little cozy corners of Westchester. There are so many things to do and see, places to eat, and parks to visit. Who doesn’t love exploring the county and “finding”...
No, We Didn't Rescue Our Dog

No, We Didn’t Rescue Our Dog

A few years ago, we tried. We were ready to welcome a four-legged furry guy into our house. We had resisted over many long years of children begging, with relentless begging dominating our daily...

8 Amazing Documentaries to Watch with Your Kids

As we hunker down for a long cozy winter of hibernation, we’ve prepared our lists of things to organize, recipes to try, and things to watch. We’re particular fans of good documentaries at our...
Things we could never go back to.

Things I Could Never Go Back To

My 2019 life was so fabulous - fancy Broadway shows followed by drinks at a rooftop bar, vacations in far-away places, traveling to weekend skating competitions for my daughter, yoga in a candle-lit studio,...

A Puppy is Nothing Like a Baby, Except…

Coronavirus time has granted me my lifelong dream, a puppy. With four of us home at all times, my husband, at last, agreed that we would be around enough to keep a dog happy....
health insurance

An Insider’s Guide to Choosing Health Benefits for Your Family

It's almost that time for most people - time to choose your benefits! I've been working in the benefits space for 10 years now, so I have amassed some knowledge that, while immensely boring,...
be here

I Get to Be Here

Fourteen years ago, on a gorgeous sunny day in Central Park, a cute little 9-month-old girl crawled over to my 9-month-old girl and started playing with her blocks. The girls had similar names and...
easy meals

As Easy As They Get Meals

I am so insanely sick of the kitchen. How much cooking can one person withstand? In March, we were making fancy meals and posting them on the family blog with pride. Today, mealtime fills me...