Ruth Berkowitz lives in Scarsdale with her husband and two girls (born in 2005 and 2009), a Havanese named Scout (a Corona puppy), and beta fish, Lilly. During the day, Ruth works in marketing at a health insurance start-up. By night, when she's not driving her kids around, she plays tennis and mah jongg, volunteers for various organizations, and updates the family calendar. She immensely enjoys sitting in front of the TV with chamomile tea, an ice cream sundae, and a chewy cookie in hand.

Crazy Stupid Tired

“I’m sorry I can’t. I’m having a crazy tiring day.” That’s what I found myself saying all too often as I collapsed on the couch before the dishes were done, and the lunches were...

Where Are the Rules?

I'm a rule follower. I drive at the speed limit, keep my kids in the appropriate size car seats, and always meticulously measure out the teaspoon of salt in a recipe. Following rules gives...
waiting or living

Are We Living or Are We Waiting?

We were early to the shelter in place party. On March 7th, we received notice that a faculty member in the school system tested positive, and schools would be closed for two weeks. Naively,...
food rationing

Food in the Time of COVID-19

I’ve officially started to track and ration our food. Much of this is self-inflicted, given that I will only shop at Mrs. Green’s, whose parking lot has about 15 spots and where only 3 registers...

Gluten-Free Food Restrictions

My daughter’s first 8 years involved a constant string of stomach aches. Doctors weren’t concerned, and every time one hit, we told her it’s part of being a kid, and went about our day. As she...

Graduating to the Next Phase of Motherhood: Meet Ruth

Sometime in the past few years, I graduated from “mom” to “mom of older kids.” I have one in high school and one who’s almost out of elementary. I don’t run around after anyone....