Samantha Berkule Johnson, PhD

Samantha Berkule Johnson, PhD, lives in northern Westchester with her husband, young son, and wolf-like but very friendly husky-hound mix. She has her doctorate in developmental psychology and is a life and parenting coach. Besides being a mother, wife, dog-lover, coach, academic, avid snowglobe collector and Westchester resident, she is also a private pilot. To learn more about Samantha’s coaching practice, visit her website at
Baby hacks for new moms.

Baby Hacks for New Moms

Enough time has passed that I have graduated from being a nervous first-time mom of an infant to a slightly seasoned mom of a toddler. That said, here are some of my recommended mom...

Putting the “Grand” in Grandma

I have been meaning to write a tribute post to my mother. Thus, it is fitting that I procrastinated enough for it to be published during the month of Mother’s Day. Like so many...

Call Me By My Name

Ch-ch-ch-changes I have experienced countless changes since becoming someone’s mother a little over a year ago: Moving from an apartment in New York City with a super to a house in northern Westchester where I...

Enjoy Every Moment

Enjoy every moment. Enjoy this time, it goes so fast. Appreciate every little thing. As a relatively new mother, I hear this a lot. Often a version is said to me in response to evidence that...

The Physical Manifestation of Mom Guilt

A better story About a week ago, I broke my toe by walking into the corner of a wall. When people ask how I did it, and I tell them, their response largely has been:...
mommy brain

Mommy Brain is Real

Before I forget... I want to talk to you about “mommy brain.” And I want to do that before I forget what I have to say, as that’s basically what it’s been for me: Forgetting...

Give It A Year

This past week I celebrated the first anniversary of my becoming a resident of Northern Westchester. So much has changed since that late-October day that my husband, our dog, and my eight-months-pregnant-self moved into...