Van Tran

Van is a recent addition (3 years) to Westchester County and lives in Pelham with her husband and two daughters. She has a 2.5 year old, going on 16 and a 6 month old, the size of a 1 year old. She spent over 10 years in advertising as a Digital PM specializing in Gamification, before dedicating almost 2 years to her children as a SAHM. Always the over-achiever, she's a babywearing, cloth diapering, gluten-free cooking, bento lunch box making, p#ssy hat crocheting, and Lego building extraordinaire. In her "free" time, she's training for some half marathon, running a book club and trying to learn how to code (C++). She enjoys a nice bourbon and hashing it out with her husband on one of their old school consoles (video game).

LEGOLAND for Littles

I can’t remember a life without LEGOS, whether it be our LEGOS Star Wars Alliance ship collection, or our daughter’s 3 foot Saturn V replica. We are a family of LEGO lovers and there’s...
travel essentials

Essential Baby Gear for Traveling

The weather has finally started warming up and this means summer vacations are on the horizon. Many parents may feel the sense of dread in preparing for long haul trips. Don’t worry, here are...

Digital Spring Clean Up

As we’re thawing out here in Westchester, Spring is just around the corner! Time to roll up your sleeves and start your Spring clean up! Don’t forget to clean up your digital life, too!...

Celebrate Lunar New Year in Westchester

Are you over all the candy and chocolates for Valentine's Day? Out of ideas on what to do with the kids over the long break? How about a culture experience in your own neighborhood?...

Online Love, Nerdy Edition

Nowadays, when most people say they met their spouse “online,” it really means on a dating site/app, or they reconnected on social media. My husband and I, aren’t like most people. We are nerds,...

Easy Digital Diet

Around this time, lots of folks are making New Year’s resolutions and working hard in trying to keep them. There’s always some fancy diet, new workout machine, or app to help you save some...

Bringing Back Family Game Nights

Let's put those screens down and play some new board games! When we go to visit extended family over the holidays, every kid/teen is glued to some sort of screen. Either playing Minecraft, checking...
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Easy Cloud Photo Storage

Let's make cloud photo storage less scary and free up some space on your phones. You’ve finally gotten a hold of that fancy new phone! It works with your favorite apps to turn on your...