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LG and Be Strong

LG and Be Strong Helping Teens Spread Happiness

It’s tough enough being a teen without having to navigate a global pandemic. That’s why the non-profit Be Strong and LG Electronics USA have partnered to help teens spread happiness in Westchester County and...

Am I Losing Myself?

As a mom, sometimes it feels like I’m losing myself. I no longer have the time to drop things and go for a run or book a plane flight and be at my destination...
REP Athletics

ELDOA at REP Athletics

As we head into November, we must brace ourselves for what could be many more hours of virtual work and schooling. We face the uncertainty of COVID-19 that, paired with cold weather, will certainly...

Preserve It All With Artimus Art

Art in the time of COVID has helped kids cope, and Artimus Art has helped parents preserve it all. Kids have always loved to create art, and 2020 has seen kids create more artwork than...
summer sleep

Keeping Your Child’s Sleep on Track During Summertime

Summertime. Long days, the sprinkler, ice cream, BBQs, and endless hours outside with the kids. So when you think of summertime, I would say most of us don’t associate it with sleep! And with...

8 Ways Journaling Helps Children (and Parents)

Photo by Vadim Fomenok on Unsplash We all need to express our thoughts and feelings, work out problems, and note special moments in life. And journaling is the way to do it.  Journal writing is associated...
bodymorph md

Bodymorph MD

Bodymorph MD offers a complete medical weight loss solution that aims to promote wellness in a combined medical and aesthetic fashion. It has the most innovative and ingenious technologies which provide numerous benefits.  EMSCULPT, through...

Celebrating Mother’s Day At Home

With Mother’s Day around the corner, families are finding new ways to celebrate moms at home. Whether the family is surprising mom with breakfast in bed or building handmade crafts, Juicy Juice has a...

The Struggle with Distance Learning

Our lives have all been turned upside down and inside out with the coronavirus pandemic. My children miss their friends, teachers, grandparents, school, activities, swim lessons, and the list goes on and on. This...
couldn't keep us together

A Stay-at-Home Order Couldn’t Even Keep My Husband and I Together

As twisted as it may sound, I was glad to hear that we would have to stay home because I thought it would allow my husband and I to spend time with one another....