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More Summer Fun! {Day Trips in CT}

As summer begins, our family bucket lists are filled with all of our favorite Westchester County activities. But, some days call for a day trip! There are so many great places to visit in...

5 Beauty Hacks for Busy Moms

A confident mom is a fun mom. It’s often difficult, however, to find the time to maintain a beauty routine while you’re chasing your kids around or trying to plan. We’ve gathered together a...
middle school

Raising Resilient, Independent Children Starts in Middle School

Middle school education has been reduced to a number of stereotypes for too long. What is considered to be one of the most critical time periods in a child’s life is often overlooked as...

A Mindful Mother

You know you love your kids when they drive you completely nuts but you still manage to help them with their homework, make the family dinner, and tuck them into bed, all just to...

Let’s Talk About Friendship: When It Fades Before Your Eyes

Those "On This Day" memories on Facebook are something what I look forward to everyday. It's well know among my friends and family that I'm a bit of a sentimental sap. I love to...
teach your kids to be givers

This Holiday Season, Teach Your Kids to be Givers

My household experiences what I like to call the “Triple Whammy” at the end of each year: one daughters’ birthday three days before Christmas, followed by the holidays, followed by the other daughter’s birthday...

December 7th is International TTTS Awareness Day: What Every Identical Twin Mom Should Know

This is how my identical twins Robert and Christopher changed my life . In January of 2013, Robert and Christopher sadly lost their fight against Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) when I was...

Our Childhood Cancer Story : GioStrong

I am so very new to this whole blog thing, but here is our story about childhood cancer.  My name is Lauren, and I am a mother to 3 amazing boys, Giovanni (4), Armani (3),...

Rosemary and Vine: A Chic Pan-Mediterranean Eatery

There's a new restaurant in Rye, and I had the pleasure of visiting for this review. It was tough to leave the house the night of my reservation. It was a gloomy, rainy evening...