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Big News! We Are Now Westchester County Mom

We have a new look and a new name, but we are the same moms with the same mission. Four years ago Westchester County Moms Blog was created with the simple goal of connecting local...

A Guide to Home Improvement & Maintenance in Westchester County

Over the past few months of staying home, we have gained a new appreciation for our homes. Now is the time to make those home improvements you've always dreamed of. Whether it be adding...
styll mediation

A Natural Way of Being: Styll Meditation

After the recent, unexpected blow of being let go from my retail career as an executive of 30 years, I thought it was finally time to pursue my dream. During these unprecedented times, I...

Standing Together Because Black Lives Matter

Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are. - Benjamin Franklin The circumstances surrounding the death of George Floyd, amongst countless other men and women of...
food allergies

Food Allergies in the Time of Panic Buying

I need to buy more bread. But here’s the catch…there is only one brand we can eat. Why? My family is managing food allergies, and there is only one brand of bread carried by...
busy activities

Keeping the Kids Busy, Entertained, and Happy During COVID-19 Quarantine

Everyone around the world is being impacted by the unprecedented pandemic we are facing. We have to keep inside out of social responsibility towards our elders, people immunocompromised, and other people who might have...

Looking to Change Schools? Consider Sending Your Child to Kindergarten at a Catholic School!

With over 30 schools in Westchester and Putnam Counties, Kindergarten at a Catholic School engages kids in learning while having fun in class. Apply Now! Take Advantage of Available Financial Incentives Financial assistance is still...

2020 Date Night Guide {the best active spots in Westchester County}

Shower? Check. Clothes that aren’t meant for working out? Check. Babysitter? Check. “Where do you want to go?” “I don’t care. Where do you want to go?” Sound familiar? We feel pretty lucky to...

Life Is All Too Fleeting

Why does it take a tragedy to appreciate the things in life we are already blessed to have? Sooner rather than later, we tend to forget the lessons that we have learned through tragedy. Life...

2020 Summer Camp Guide

It took months for it to finally feel like winter, but it's that time of year when moms need to start thinking about summer plans. Wait, what!? Yup, any experienced mom knows that in...