The Westchester Mom’s Guide to Back to School 2018


Ready or not, the summer is coming to an end. Many of us will agree that it went too fast. Soon school will begin, and the crisp early morning breeze will be a reminder that right beyond the start of classes, Fall is fast approaching.  

In this Back to School Guide, we are including our tips for school readiness and resources to help your family succeed this 2018-2019 school year.

School Supplies

Transitioning from Summer to Fall

Is Summer Really Over? Transitioning from Summer to Fall can be a challenge for some children (and some adults too). In this hilarious and honest post by our contributor Melissa, we see why this parent is not ready for back to school.

1st Day Ready – 4 Tips for a Smooth Transition: Whether you wish you had more summer to enjoy, or you are anxiously awaiting for the first day of school, the clock is ticking. Now is a great time to prepare for smooth transitions. Thankfully, Nancy has broken this down to 4 things we can do in How I’m Transitioning My Family into Back-To-School Mode.

Still Searching for the Right Preschool? In Searching Last Minute for Preschool Gave Me the Jitters, Blanca shares with us the challenges that she faced when searching for a preschool at the last minute, her tips to getting through it, and some very useful resources for parents in the same predicament.

On-Going School Year Transitions: I know what I am about to say might be met with some resistance, especially because its execution can be near impossible, but hear me out: Being organized is extremely helpful during the school year. So, maybe the goal doesn’t have to be perfect organization, since life with a kid or kids can be messy. But there are some goals that can make life easier overall, and that’s all we want for moms.

Westchester County School Directory

Public Schools

Private Schools

Private High Schools


Daycare/ Child Care Centers

School Closings and Delays

Many schools and daycare centers have their own systems for notifying parents of school delays and cancellations. It’s important that you find out what the procedures are and also come up with a back up plan for care in these instances. School cancellations and delays are also promptly reported by the following local news outlets:

Lice Prevention

Don’t forget to check!

Our contributor, Kristen shares some myths and lessons learned in The Worst Four Letter Word: LICE.

For more information about head lice, visit: the CDC website and

Local Expert Head Lice Removal Services: Lice Free Noggin and DML Lice Removal Services

Food Allergies

Medication and Prescriptions: If your child has a food allergy or if they need medication administered during school, you will need to have your child’s physician complete the proper paperwork to be sent in with any medication on the first day of school.

Families of Non-Allergic Children: Ina’s Food Allergies & What They Mean to Your Non-Allergic Child provides some great information and reminders for families of non-allergic children to keep classmates safe this school year.

PTA, Fundraising, and More

Becoming a PTA Member

Surviving the Overwhelming World of Fundraisers

Teacher’s Gifts

Take a look at our Back to School pinterest board, for more great ways to get school year ready!

Are you ready for Back-to-School?

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