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Bodymorph MD offers a complete medical weight loss solution that aims to promote wellness in a combined medical and aesthetic fashion. It has the most innovative and ingenious technologies which provide numerous benefits. 

EMSCULPT, through its High Intensity Focused Electro Magnetic applicators, produces at least 20,000 supramaximal contractions that burn fat and build muscles. 

EMTONE, through Monopolar Radio Frequency and Targeted Pressure Energy, removes cellulite build up as it replenishes the integrity of the skin tone that lost its elasticity over time.

Both EMSCULPT and EMTONE are extremely beneficial because they address the post-weight loss worry associated with skin laxity from loss of skin tone and elasticity; postpartum complication Diastasis Recti and Ventral Hernia; for the aesthetically conscious who wants to be sculpted to complement their gym workout routine; for athletes who need to strengthen their core and build muscle which are the cutting edge in excellent performance; or patients who incurred muscle injury and need to build muscle to regain their strength back. Impressively, there is no downtime, no side effects, non-surgical, no consumables.

BodyMorph MD also offers Weight Loss Services, which include comprehensive medical assessment, dietary approach to achieve weight loss. One ingenious mode of our weight loss program is ORBERA, an FDA approved non-surgical intragastric bariatric balloon placement which is to be removed in 6 months, for BMI of >/= 30

Body Morph MD uniquely offers Concierge Nutritional Service for those who are constantly “on the go” and want to adhere to their dietary requirements but simply do not have the time to plan and prepare their meals due to travel needs or job demands. This works on the 5A framework.

BodyMorph MD provides a healthy addition known as the IV BAR and IV HYDRATION for infusions of vitamins and minerals. Some of these include IV Detox, IV Myers Solutions, IV Sports, IV Energy/Stress, IV Liquid Lunch, IV Immune Booster, IV Anti-aging, and IV Weight Loss.

With all these services, BodyMorph MD definitely provides the most innovative approach, which is a complete package to boost wellness and good health for a positive quality of living. 

BodyMorph MD Medical Weight Loss Services

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