Bounce Away The Winter Blues: The Best Places in Westchester to Jump and Bounce



bounce away the winter bluesIt’s cold.  It gets dark faster.  I can’t tell the kids to go outside and run around to get all that extra energy out.  (Well, I can but it’s probably not the best idea when the wind chill hits -5.)  So what’s a mom to do besides go crazy with 2 little bundles of energy on a cold winter day?  Why not try one of the Westchester kid hot spots that are sure to be fun for the kids and get out all of those extra jiggles and wiggles that kids never seem to get rid of? Luckily, there are lots of great choices for places to jump and bounce in Westchester!

Bounce U:  Elmsford

Bounce U is a bouncy castle dream land!  Inside each room there are a bunch of inflatables.  Each one is different.  Your kid can climb, slide, race, and bounce to her heart’s content.  Socks are required for jumpers.  There are cubbies for shoes but parents can keep their shoes on (unless you wanna bounce your way to happiness, too).

The pros:  There are so many different inflatables that there is something for every age and ability.  Bounce U offers open bounces at many different times and they offer a lot of fun and different programs during the week. During holiday time they held a bounce with Santa. Bounce U offers a “birthday party bounce” where kids can bounce for an hour and then get a slice of pizza.  It’s like a party where everyone is the star.  If you sign up for their emails, Bounce U will let you know when fun events are coming and you can sign up online or call them.  My kids have also been there for birthday parties, and they always have fun. 

The cons:  Unless you are there for a special bounce event where food will be served, there is not a place to get a snack on site.  Parking is free but can get pretty packed.  The bathrooms are not always the cleanest either – I always make my kids put their shoes on to go to the bathroom, but I have seen others enter in socks..yuck!  The only other problem I’ve ever noticed there is that some of the staff is amazing, but others are not great.  I’ve had to ask someone to let my kid play the basketball game by herself when he kept taking basketball shots (he was throwing really hard. Plus, you know, he was there to watch kids, not play.)

Sky Zone:  New Rochelle

Sky Zone is a fairly new addition to the first level of New Roc City’s complex.  It is a trampoline park with different activities at each trampoline section including bouncy basketball, an obstacle course, and a huge foam pit to bounce into.  One must know is that you have to have sky zone socks (they have sticky pads on the feet).

The pros:  The variety of sections make it a great place to take everyone, because chances are they will each find their own place to jump.  Parking is a plus since New Roc always has a ton of (paid) parking available.  This is a high energy activity so the other plus is that your child will most likely nap the whole way home.  There is a large snack bar with hot and cold choices (but beware there are lots of sugary candy options!)  It was very well lit and airy.  The people working at the desk were fairly accommodating, as I had booked online and showed up way too early and I wanted to change my jump time.  I liked signing up online because you could see how many other tickets were bought so you could decide if it would be too crowded.

The cons:  There is an area upstairs for all grownups to watch from (unless you also pay to jump).  I include this in cons because you have to be far from your child and if your child falls or starts to cry (like mine did) you have to take your eyes off them, run down the stairs and hope you can find them again.  Once you find them you still have to call them over to the entrance.  I was not thrilled by this in the slightest.  The other downside of that is that if your child is misbehaving you can’t really correct them because they are far enough to be out of voice range.  There also were not enough seats up there.  My other con was that it was pretty dirty for someplace so new.  There were papers on the stairs and dust in the corners.  People left their food garbage upstairs in the viewing zone and for the hour I was there, nobody was by to clean at all.  The biggest con?!  My five year old was being over run by a bunch of pre-teen boys and there really wasn’t a good place for her to be where she felt comfortable. 

Rock N Jump:  Mount Kisco and Ridge Hill, Yonkers

Rock N Jump’s two locations are also trampoline style amusement centers.  Mount Kisco’s location has three party rooms, as well as a snack area.  It has been open for roughly two years.  The Ridge Hill location is new, having just opened, but is similar in set up.  In both locations you must purchase jump socks to wear while you jump.

The pros:  There is a lot of parking at both locations (although at Ridge Hill you have to pay the $3 parking fee).  Mount Kisco hosts a sensory jump once a month.  They turn the music and televisions off and turn down the lights to accommodate children with sensitivities to light and sounds.  Both locations also have tot jumps on weekday mornings (check the website for times) which I like because it can be scary watching your tiny loved one jump surrounded by teens!  Parents are allowed in free with their children during the tot time.  They also open later on the weekends for slightly reduced fees for teen jumps which is a great, healthy, and fun way for your “big kids” to spend the weekend evenings with their friends!

The cons:  Perhaps the novelty will wear off, but for now Ridge Hill’s location has been known to get very crowded with lines out the door. 

Well, what are you waiting for?  Grab those crazy kids and go let them jump their winter wiggles away! Tell us which place is your favorite spot in Westchester to jump and bounce.

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