spring home refresh

Spring Home Refresh

The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, the curtains are blowing in the warm fresh air, and your home is prime for a little freshening up. It can feel like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to...
holiday weight gain

Holiday Weight Gain

Every year, throughout the world, people are affected by the phenomenon of holiday weight gain. In the United States, research has found that people start to gain weight in October (think Halloween candy) and peak about 10 days after Christmas....
Some of us had been counting down the days, waiting for a new year to come. While simultaneously, many of us had no clue to where the past year went. I don't know about you, but I am already...

What Is Your Baby Name Story?

Everyone has a baby name story. In the Jewish religion, standard practice is to use the first initial of a family member who passed away and choose a name using that letter. Technically it’s supposed to be the Hebrew name, but many...
You all know the saying, “There are just not enough hours in the day.” Don’t even get me started on how there aren’t enough days in the week. We spend Monday through Friday eagerly awaiting the weekend, only for...
We've all had this moment. It's dinner time, and you call your child. You faintly hear a call back for "five more minutes." It suddenly dawns on you that your child has been sucked into the vacuum of gaming...
take from 2020

Five Things We Take From 2020

A new year has begun, and everyone is so excited about it. Yes, 2020 was a challenging year for many of us, but we have to recognize some silver linings. I normally like to focus on the positive rather...
The new year always makes me reflect on how to be a better person. Raising two daughters is not easy, but extremely rewarding, and they do things every day that amaze me. "She's getting so big," I think to...

Enjoy Your Vacation

Vacations are fun for the kids. Often times as moms we’re just managing the same chores, but in a more pleasant (preferably warmer) climate. Even while we’re on vacation, we’re really not on vacation. We’re still managing the daily...
no extra points

No Extra Points

There are no extra points for being a martyr.  Some things are hard, like really, really hard, and it’s an accomplishment to make it through. But some things aren’t, they don’t need to be, and making them seem harder doesn’t...

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We Can Do This – Finding a Vaccine in Westchester County

Our ultimate goal as moms is to keep our families safe and healthy. With COVID-19 vaccines now available for children 5 years old and...
Men and women in a running club.

A New Year to Run