How many social media accounts do you have? On most days I log into eight to ten different social media accounts for personal and business use on a variety of platforms - Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook. Some...
home garden

Prepping your Home Garden

As the winter draws near, our homes keep us busy with fall cleanup! Aside from clearing the leaves, pruning plants and getting our home ready for the cold of the winter, it is easy to overlook the home garden....
Winter is knocking on our door. The outdoor activities have dwindled down to a slow drip from the faucet. "Its cold out." Its raining." "Its dark out." "I'm tired." "I have to bring the kids to their activities." "I...
My son has always been a climber, more content playing on the outside of his jumper than the inside at around 7 months old. The jumper was trashed a good two months earlier than I was ready to depart...
cloud storage

Easy Cloud Photo Storage

Let's make cloud photo storage less scary and free up some space on your phones. You’ve finally gotten a hold of that fancy new phone! It works with your favorite apps to turn on your lights, unlock your door, or...

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In + Around Westchester

Spotlight on Westchester: Peekskill

We all love our cozy little corners of Westchester. There are so many things to do and see, places to eat, and parks to...