Celebrating Valentine’s Day


Everything, and I mean everything, changes when you become a mother. Even Valentine’s Day is different. I remember the days when I was newly married and I expected my husband to send flowers and chocolates, buy presents, and wine and dine me. Then we had a baby (and then a couple more) and the romance started to fade. The presents turned into things we could use together for the house, the fancy dinners out turned into take-out, but the flowers and a card have remained a constant. At least he still tries!

Oddly enough, I wouldn’t have it any other way. We now make special treats for our three kids and try to do sweet things for one another. Everyone makes a handmade card and shares the things we love about one another. And yes there is lots of chocolate! Once the kids are in bed my husband and I order take-out from our fave sushi spot and watch a movie or catch up on our shows. This might be the one night of the year when we sit next to each other on the couch and snuggle. 

This got me thinking about how other couples and families recognize Valentine’s Day. So of course I asked my Westchester County Moms Blog contributor team to share how they celebrate. Here’s what they had to say:

While my husband and I have never been into the Hallmark holiday, having a son sheds a new light on it. It has become a day of teaching my son to show love to everyone special in his life and no longer a romantic holiday for us. We decorate cards and celebrate at the school party. {Angela}

This year I am doing something new – I saw it on Pinterest. Each night I am writing a “love note” to my son and my boyfriend. Just a simple message saying something I love about each of them, then taping it to their door. I hope it teaches my son that expressing your love is something important to do every day (especially Valentines Day). {Keveney}

I like to get special treats for my little darlings. This year, I am giving them sugar cookies baked by SugarMama by Kim. {Joni}

For the past five years I’ve been the Chair of the Valentine’s Day Carnation Sale at the elementary school. Students purchase carnations for teachers in advance and I walk around the school with a couple of other mom volunteers and deliver them to the teachers. Another option is for them to purchase flowers to donate to patients at Northern Westchester Hospital. In the past I’ve spent Valentine’s Day evening walking around the hospital with my daughter’s Girl Scout troop delivering flowers room to room. This year we can’t go room to room cause they are limiting visitors due for of the flu epidemic, but I’ll leave the group of donated flowers with the volunteer staff at the hospital for delivery. {Melissa}

It’s hard for us to get away, so I normally cook a fun meal for the family. We’re one of those families that do everything together and take our kids everywhere with us…even on Valentine’s Day. I hadn’t realized it, but coincidentally, I’ve baked them a two tiered pink cake for the past two years! I always buy the girls flowers, usually pink roses. {Van}

We usually get each other something sweet – our favorite candy. We also make sure to get something for our daughter – a stuffed animal, etc. However, the best part is that it’s one of our intentional nights to cook a special meal together and dim the lights with a chic flick and a bottle of wine. I never liked the idea of going out on Valentine’s Day because restaurants over-price their menus – so while we were dating, hubby surprised me on one of our first Valentine’s date by making my favorite dish – fettuccine Alfredo and we made our first ever cheesecake for dessert. {Isabel}

I like to buy each of my kids (even my adult children) their favorite candy for Valentines Day! {Fran}

I usually make my little ones a Valentine’s themed breakfast with heart plates, pancakes and strawberries cut into hearts. My husband and I don’t do a ton to celebrate, but try to have dinner together and chat. {Janine}

Hubby and I switch off making the Valentine’s Day plans each year. Before kids we did a few years of elaborate date nights involving Broadway musicals, fancy dinners, and couples classes. Lately though, we just plan a nice meal at home and a simple weekend outing to do as a family. {Amy}

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Comment below!

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