At the Corner of Motherhood and a Farm

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When you think about your motherhood journey, what comes to mind? You probably picture the day you welcomed your children into your home or the most recent milestone in their young lives. What you didn’t probably think about was a farm – well, unless you grew up or live on a farm now. 

Lately, I’ve been doing more research into the brands that we support as a family. It all started with learning about the differences between free-range and pasture-raised eggs. Spoiler alert: There’s a major difference. From there, I started looking at the dairy products in our home. That’s when we discovered Organic Valley and their line of products at our local grocery store. 

Organic Valley is a farmer-owned cooperative, which means they all work together to grow the food and run the business. That also means that they have high-quality animal care standards. As I learned more about their standards, I grew to appreciate their dedication and even found similarities with my own motherhood philosophies.

A mom pouring a glass of Organic Valley milk.Benefits of Being Outside

Organic Valley: First of all, Organic Valley farmers value the benefits of spending time outside. Organic Valley cows are outside 50 percent more than the USDA organic standards.

Motherhood: There is no imagination like a child who has spent time outside. When children have a chance to explore with all five senses, they’re able to process and respond to sensory stimuli they encounter as they grow.

Benefits of a Nutrient-Rich Diet

Organic Valley: Because Organic Valley cows spend more time outside, they have more grass in their diet than organic standards require. That means they get a nutrient-rich and diverse diet with a wide variety of plants and grasses. It’s like a salad bar for cows.

Motherhood: Children need the right fuel for growing, learning, and developing. This means our kids need foods and beverages with plenty of nutrients and not too many calories, fats, or sugars —providing a strong foundation for a healthy life. Fun fact: Milk is one of those nutrient-rich foods. One 8-ounce glass is also high in phosphorus, vitamin B12, and potassium and has 8 grams of protein.

Benefits of Play (or Play-Based Learning)

Organic Valley: Farmers work hard to create an environment where animals can freely express their natural behaviors – like grazing, roaming, and playing on pasture. This helps keep their cows happy and healthy. 

Motherhood: Play-based learning allows children to make sense of the world around them by simply playing and exploring. They’re able to learn social, cognitive, and emotional skills all at the same time with play-based learning.

Benefits of TLC

Organic Valley: As a cooperative made up of small family farms, that means they keep their herds small, which allows for a lot of special attention and care. Organic Valley farmers are even known to name their cows and call them by name, just like kids name their pets.

Motherhood: Have you ever thought about your child’s love language? Once you do that, let me tell you, it is a gamechanger in creating a stronger bond with your child and providing them with love that truly makes them feel seen and understood.

Who knew that looking closely at a carton label could lead me to realize that motherhood is a lot like farming when you care about those around you. Every time I pick up a carton of Organic Valley milk, I feel confident that I’m not only providing the best option for my family, but I’m also supporting farmers who genuinely care about making this planet a better place for their families (and cows), too. The next time you’re making your shopping list, I invite you to search for your soon-to-be favorite Organic Valley products.

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