Create Calm. Find Clarity. Gain Control.

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I am honored to be a part of this blog as a resource for mothers in Westchester County. I want to start by introducing myself as a psychotherapist with a private practice in White Plains. I am also a mother of an 18-month-old son who is very good at keeping me on my toes. I am currently learning how to do the juggling act of owning my own business and being present with him on my days off. It is definitely challenging, and I am always learning how to manage my time better.

I also wanted to share what I do in my practice and how I can be helpful to you as a mother and to your family members. I focus on helping individuals to create calm, find clarity and gain control in their lives and relationships. I support teenagers, parents, families and couples to navigate through difficult emotions and relationship conflicts. I am trained in family systems techniques and cognitive behavioral therapy to help clients notice the patterns in their lives that make them feel disconnected and stuck.

I’ve chosen to do this as a career because the relationships that we have with our parents and family of origin is the relationship that has the biggest impact on our entire lifespan. It is so important that we work on ourselves as parents to understand our triggers and regulate our own emotions, so we can become better parents for our children. Many of my adult clients come to therapy because of damage from their childhood and how this past trauma has continued to show up in their lives and current relationships.

As, mothers, we can start to break this cycle. I am very passionate about helping families find new ways of being with each other that promotes connection, comfort and calmness. I am more than willing to support you in making the changes you want to see in yourself to help you create more fulfilling connections with your family members, children, teens or partner.

I can help parents to:

  • Discover their trigger points with their children and understand why they are reacting to them the way that they do.
  • Regulate their emotions and become a more mindful parent.
  • Get a clearer understanding of how the dynamics in your own family of origin impacts person you are today and how you are parenting your children.
  • Manage “mom or dad guilt.”
  • Connect better with their children.

I also help couples who are:

  • Having difficulty resolving conflicts.
  • Losing connection to each other.
  • Fighting over parenting.
  • Experiencing trust issues and lack of security.

I know that therapy can feel very uncomfortable at first, but I have a very interactive style. I will ask you questions, provide you feedback, support you and gently challenge you to grow. I want my office to become a safe space for you to say whatever is on your mind without fear of judgement or criticism. After your sessions you will find yourself getting along better with your family members, feeling better about how your parent, starting to feel more secure in your relationships, and have more control over unmanageable feelings.