Dating from the Couch: Fun Date Night Ideas You Can Do in Your Sweatpants


If you are anything like my husband and I, date night is rare. And when we do get out, it is quite a momentous occasion. Let’s face it, date night can get pretty pricey, especially around Valentine’s Day. On top of that, if you want to go to NYC, planning a night out on the town can break the bank. Luckily, there are tons of alternatives for sharing a romantic evening with your significant other at home.

When my husband and I were just starting out, we were broke (as many couples are). Consequently, we pinched a lot of pennies and dated from the couch as often as we could. Of course after having a baby, it’s just way more convenient for us to enjoy a romantic evening from the comfort of our couch.

Whether you are putting the kids to bed early, or dropping them at Grandma’s house, in home dates can be the most fun and memorable date nights. Pants optional. 


Dinner for 2 – It is always a great idea to cook a romantic dinner for yourself and your significant other. But, it’s so much more fun to do it together. If it’s a warmer night, plan a picnic in the backyard. Blindfold your partner, and have a taste test. You can even challenge each other by having a “Chopped” style cook off. May the best dish win!

Movie Night – Whether your flick is on demand, Netflix, or a DVD, creating an in home theater can be fun. Turn the lights off, make some popcorn and cuddle up. You get the perks of the movie theater without the arm rest in between you when you snuggle. Just remember if the kids are sleeping to keep the volume low.

Spa Date – Who doesn’t love a spa day? Why not make it in home! Turn your home into a spa and unwind from the week. Pull out your favorite massage lotions or oils, and give each other a sensual massage. Light the candles and take a romantic bubble bath together. Don’t forget the sweet, decadent goodies to make the night that much “sweeter.” Pamper each other and enjoy every relaxing second. 

Dance Party – Need I say more? If the kids are out of the house, even better! Put on your favorite Pandora station, dim the lights, and every time the station takes a commercial break, pour yourselves another drink. 

Painting with a Twist – My husband and I are both a fan of the arts. Painting has always been a hobby of mine, and I love when my husband adds his own touch to whatever I am making. Why not get some canvases and paint? You can make paired paintings with each other and add a special touch to your living room. Things can get a little more interesting when you add a glass of wine or two. 

Game On – There are tons of games for two players, so why not challenge each other? Try Monopoly, Scrabble, cards, video games, or my personal favorite, backgammon. Get a little saucy and play a drinking game. Liven up the pot and play strip poker. Better yet, add the rule to any game that the loser has to remove an article of clothing for each round played. You will see your husband play Yahtzee like his life depended on it. There’s nothing like some friendly competition to light up the night. Winner takes all, and loser does dishes!

Create a Theme Night – Throwing a themed party can be fun for tons of people, or just the two of you. This has to be one of my favorite things to do. Throw on those 80’s outfits hidden in the closet (I know you have them) and watch a marathon of John Hughes movies. Or, have a Mexican night. Make some tacos, drink margaritas, and wear your favorite sombrero. Embrace any decade, or any culture, and enjoy a great in home date night. Don’t forget, every theme can be paired with boozey treat to make the night that much more enjoyable. And the best part? No one has to drive. 

What’s your favorite way to “date from the couch?”