Dating Your Spouse Without Leaving the House


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Relationships are truly put to the test during challenging times. Whether the obstacles are personal, financial, or environmental, the stress of any conflict can make it easy for us to put a wall up. However, I have realized that the best thing to do when facing adversities is to hold your partner’s hand tighter than ever and face them head on, together!

Fear and anxiety are ripping through our nation right now at an unprecedented pace, and the only way to combat those emotions is to overpower them with positivity and love. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to press pause and take a moment to be thankful for all that you have. Remember what really makes you happy and direct your energy towards it. Don’t let chaos disrupt the bonds that you have built. Let it strengthen your relationships instead.

With that being said, it appears that we will all be spending quite a bit of time in the house. Now I’m sure that my husband isn’t as torn up about it as I am, as he is an introvert and has been practicing social distancing most of his life. As you can imagine, dates aren’t his area of expertise, and I am also sure that he thinks I would probably find the severe nature of possible quarantine as a valid reason to put romance on the back burner. As for me, I have decided to use this as an opportunity to disconnect from the many things that have been tugging at my attention, and reconnect with what truly matters to me, like my husband and our marriage. 

Instead of a date night out, these are a few ideas that I have for dating your spouse without leaving the house!

Netflix and Chill

Yes, this term has taken a severe beating online as the different meanings are too hard for me to keep up with. So I will leave the sexual connotation up to your discretion and preference. All the same, my hubby and I make it a point to catch something on Netflix every weekend. Whether it’s a movie that was recently released, a new docuseries, or stand-up comedy, it’s a good hour and a half of vegging out together. The comedies are definitely our thing, and if you haven’t watched one lately, I encourage you to try it. Nothing like a good laugh to boost those endorphins and kick up some happy memories, or just lighten the mood. Don’t have a Netflix account? Don’t worry, you can ““go to the movies”” with pretty much any cable carrier that you have. Ditch the $25 ticket entry fees and shell out the $5.99 to rent a new release.

Couples Cooking Class

Throw on Rachel Ray, or just google a recipe. Instead of being superwoman and making sure the family meal is prepared, make something easy and kid-friendly for the children, and have your partner join you in the kitchen. Split up the steps and prepare a meal together. Go for the gusto try something you wouldn’t cook for a regular family dinner. Instead, make a meal you would love to eat at your favorite restaurant.

Game Night

I’m not talking Bingo or Jenga. Find yourself a spicy trivia game, maybe an adult truth or dare! Kick it up a notch and make a bet, you use your imagination for this one… 


Perhaps you and your spouse make the perfect goofy team and don’t mind singing out loud in public. Or maybe you are an extrovert who fell in love with an introvert like I did. How fun would it be to sing a duet together or have an all-out rap battle? Get a karaoke machine; I have an awesome one that we got my eldest as a gift for Christmas, which she is now way too cool to use. Or you can download a Karaoke app straight to your phone. Good old technology to the rescue!

Wine Tasting

Grab an assortment of cheese and crackers, some fresh fruit, and a couple of small bottles of wine. They even have cute little personal bottles for around five bucks. Try something out of the norm. You can tailor these things based on your interests and your partners. If you or your hubby are whiskey or beer lovers, sample accordingly! 

Sip & Draw

Get creative.! This is my low budget rendition of the popular sip and paint. Look up a rare piece of art, grab your kids’ Crayola kit, and (after a couple of adult beverages) attempt to draw (freehand not trace!) the professional painting. I imagine the best part of this date night will be the morning after when you are shaking your head, looking at the foolishness that you deemed a true work of art the night before! 

My takeaway(s) from this post would be:

#1- Where there is a will, there is a way! Don’t forget what brought you and your spouse together in the first place! Marriage doesn’t mean that dating and courtship need to end. 

#2- We can and will overcome anything if we push through and do it together! 

#3-Date Night has NOT been canceled !!!

Do you have date nights in? Let us know what you have planned!


  1. I love this article! It’s truly full of great ideas and who couldn’t use a little spark in their relationship especially at a time like this.

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