DIY Winter Beach Birthday Party Ideas


A great way to escape the cold winter weather is by having an indoor pool party. For our oldest daughter’s 10th birthday (which I can’t believe was four years ago), we decided to throw her a “Winter Beach Party.” While the night before, there was a huge snow storm, those two hours were such a great afternoon escape. It was the perfect party for our summer-loving beach girl. 

The best part about throwing this party was that we all enjoyed preparing for this double digit celebration. If you have a tween that loves to craft, there are many ways to get him or her involved in pulling this themed party off. In this post, I’m going to share with you helpful planning tips and a few DIY ideas that we loved.


We were able to book our pool party through our local recreation center. This was our most convenient option as well as the most budget friendly. If your local rec center does not have an indoor pool, other great options to explore are local gyms and hotels. 

Here are three fitness clubs in Westchester that offer pool party options:

Beach Ball Invitations

Personalizing mini beach balls are a cute and creative way to invite guests to your party. These beach ball invitations are easy to execute and make for great pre-party favors. 

What you need:

We used colored sharpies to write out the invitation details on the beach balls:

You are invited to Bailey’s Winter Beach Birthday Party!





The weather outside is frightful, but the indoor pool will be delightful!

Bring a swimsuit and towel!

Other invitation ideas include: evites and paper invitations.

Flip Flop Favor Bags

Making these treat bags was fun and easy and most of the work was done by the birthday girl. Click here for the instructions.

DIY beach party
DIY Flip Flop Treat Bags

Beach Cupcakes                

Step 1. Bake and ice the cupcakes. We tried to create the look of waves on one side of the cupcakes and  we sprinkled graham cracker crumbs on the other side to represent sand.

beach party

Step 2. Create your beach goers. We used teddy grahams and cookie icing swimsuits to make our swimmers and sunbathers.

beach party

Step 3. Create your beach scene. Raid the supermarket for Swedish fish, gumballs, gummy sharks, sticks of gum (for beach towels and chairs) and so on to create fun beach scenes. You have complete creative freedom over decorating the cupcakes.

beach party

Party Craft Activity

We set up a flip flop making craft table to occupy guests as they arrived. The finished products were also a great party favor.

beach party

Party Games

For more winter beach party ideas, visit my Pinterest board.

beach party
The very happy birthday girl!

Have you ever had a themed party before? Share in the comments!

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  1. Hi Leah,

    I wanted to thank you for mentioning our club ‘Premier Athletic Club’ in your blog as having “pool parties”. Would like to mention that we offer Bounce House and Dance Parties as well and when a parent has a children’s party at our club, the parents and guests can use all of our facilities during the party!
    Please check out our web site and receive a free trail membership so you and your family can experience all we have to offer children and adults.

    Thanks Again For The Shout Out!

    Jason Galea
    Sports & Aquatics Director

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