Don’t Forget About “Me” Time


A woman relaxing in a chair drinking coffee.As the last few days of summer are winding down and we are getting ready for a new school year, parents (usually moms) are running around trying to get last-minute school shopping done, figuring out which activities to enroll kids into, planning and doing last minute fun activities, and taking our last summer vacations. A lot of us are feeling anxious, excited, and tired as we are on cruise control, trying to get it all done.

But something that we often overlook is our needs during this time.

I realized this happened when I recently told someone, “Let me see once school starts before I can (fill in the blank).” We are so busy planning for the kids and making sure they have everything they need to start the school year off right that often, our personal needs are left to the wayside.

Maybe it’s because we don’t want to commit to something for fear of not following through, or maybe it is because of the guilt of doing something for ourselves when the to-do list is still quite lengthy.

So here is a gentle reminder that in the hustle and bustle of back to school, remember to find some me time, whether grabbing a cup of coffee by yourself, reading, meditating, working out, or being in nature or getting a massage. Do something for yourself to remember that you matter too.

Because honestly, without us feeling our best, we can’t give our best to the ones we love, and the school year will be long. You are your little ones’ role model so take pride in showing them that your self-worth requires you to have some time of your own.

Here’s to a happy and healthy school year for us all!

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Bena is a a wife and mom to a little girl born in July 2017 and another little girl born in April 2021. Her and her husband, both born and raised in Long Island, randomly ended up living in New Rochelle, Westchester when they fell in love with the downtown area, which had the best of two worlds, walking distance to parks, coffee shops, great restaurants and a short drive away from great hikes and nature. Since then they have moved a hop, skip and away to Pelham, which is an adorable little town. Mostly, Bena is just trying to figure out how to do this mom thing, while also working a full-time job. After a few years of the juggling act, she feels a little more confident, but everyday there are new challenges, especially when #2 arrived. When she is not momming, she is usually lawyering, working out, cooking, running errands or somewhere out exploring nature and the world.


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