Easy Fall Art Projects for Kids


Most parents do not attempt art projects at home because they are “too complicated.” Here are three simple ideas that take less than 5 minutes to set up and need minimal supplies to accomplish. Let the beauty of Fall inspire your family to create!

Project 1: Leaf Collage

This project starts with a spontaneous walk around the neighborhood or local park. Collect non-brittle, colorful leaves in all different shapes and sizes. Once home, the only two supplies needed are paper and glue for kids to create a masterpiece! Tip: Use glitter glue or fall-colored paper for a bit of fun.

Project 2: Leaf Stamping

Have leftover leaves? Leaf stamping is a fun and no set up project. Absorbent paper would work best with Dot Markers. Simply have kids squeeze and stamp ink on the top of the leaves and press onto paper. It’s fun to explore the textures that leaves create! Tip: Results will be even more fall-inspired if the children only use red, orange, yellow, and green paint. This project was inspired by Raising Dragons.

simple art for kids
simple art for kids

Project 3: Acorn Top Tree

You’ll need to have a handful of acorn tops, small twigs, paper, and washable paint for this project. The first step, glue down the twigs to form a tree trunk. Next, dip acorn tops in paint and start creating a tree full of colorful fall leaves! Tip: Use acorn tops with a stem. It makes for an easier grip for children.

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