ELDOA at REP Athletics

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REP AthleticsAs we head into November, we must brace ourselves for what could be many more hours of virtual work and schooling. We face the uncertainty of COVID-19 that, paired with cold weather, will certainly keep us on our devices for long hours throughout the day. Longer durations on our devices promote slouching, forward head lean, and gives feedback to the brain that these positions are “normal.”

But, there is a challenging yet simple exercise that we can all do to reverse this process; ELDOA. 

ELDOA is a French acronym that stands for Longitudinal Osteoarticular Decoaptation of the Spine, or, simply put, creating space in between joints. This technique can help reverse the effects of gravity, athletic wear and tear, and poor posture. While looking at the exercise, you may think it’s “yoga,” but it is a completely different sensation that can push your limits when you understand the intention. Geoff Rose, of REP Athletics, has been working with back pain, scoliosis, and postural issues for 9 years. ELDOA is his number one tool.

How Does it work?

ELDOA postural exercises use an important connective tissue called “fascia” to create tension in different body parts to build separation at specific joints in the body. This creates a chain reaction that pulls moisture, nutrients, and oxygen to the joint, making the area healthier. At the same time, holding these positions, the muscles that keep us erect become stronger and longer.

It also promotes a feedback system to our brain, reinforcing appropriate neck and back posture. The beauty of ELDOA is that it requires zero equipment and, after mastering it with a certified professional, these exercises can be performed anywhere!

Who Should use the ELDOA?

ELDOA is vital for students who are now spending their days in school on a computer, then adding phone and video game time after class. While children are still growing, it is crucial for them to develop body awareness, something screen time can be very detrimental to. ELDOA is also a great tool for anyone suffering from lower back or neck pain. 

While the technique might not have the household name that Yoga or Pilates has, it’s garnering serious recognition in both the rehabilitation and sports worlds. It’s now a feature of sixteen professional sports teams’ (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL) strength and rehab programs, including Super Bowl champions, Kansas City Chiefs. Titleist Performance also features it as a part of their certifications program, as ELDOA is considered a powerful tool for those looking to increase rotational mobility on their swing. 

REP Athletics is proud to be the only facility in Westchester offering ELDOA. For more information, please visit www.repathleticsco.com or to set up an appointment, please email us at [email protected]