Enjoy Your Vacation


Vacations are fun for the kids. Often times as moms we’re just managing the same chores, but in a more pleasant (preferably warmer) climate. Even while we’re on vacation, we’re really not on vacation. We’re still managing the daily things that help make our family function.

Here’s a few tips on how to make your family vacation more enjoyable.

A Little Something for Mom

Let’s face it, as moms when we book vacations we often overlook ourselves. Go ahead and book that hotel with a Spa. For me, I take full advantage of early morning Yoga classes on the beach. Take some time for yourself to rejuvenate, it will do you and your family some good.


It does take a bit of pre-planning to do less chores while at your destination. I have toddlers, we always need milk, diapers, and snacks. Aside from the normal amount of things I need to haul, I have to consider luggage capacity. I cut back on bringing those items by ordering them online and shipping them to our destination. If you are traveling within the US grocery services like Instacart are a great way to get grocery essentials (milk and diapers) from a local store. There’s also Amazon Prime Now, but it’s limited based on location.

Splurge a Little

My youngest is not two yet and can take full advantage of the free in lap seat on flights. The idea of a 30lb active toddler on my lap for a duration of three hours would make anyone go insane. Buy them a seat (bring a car seat). Yes, it’s a bit of a splurge, but remember it’s your vacation, too! Putting your toddler in a car seat and giving them something to watch (yes, even in our no-screens household) is OKAY! Can you imagine getting through an entire movie? While you’re at it, relax your rules on screens, bed times, and anything else that would make it more enjoyable for all of you. Less rules means less negotiations aka whining.

Traveling and vacations can be a bit of challenge at times. Just make sure you’re taking steps to unwind and enjoy your vacation with your family. Don’t forget to schedule a little girls’ weekend for yourself, too!

Happy travels! What tips could you add?