5 Fall Crafts for Little Artists


Celebrating the change of seasons is such a beautiful thing when you have young children. And what a great opportunity it is for them to learn! Fall is a wonderful time for our little ones, especially as they learn their colors and start to become interested in painting. Here are five fun, artistic activities you can do with your little Picassos this fall:


fall crafts

Who hasn’t painted a pumpkin in the fall? Instead of carving one, which is hard work for little hands, painting and decorating a pumpkin is the perfect fall activity. For even more fun, buy some googly eyes, glitter, and little pom-poms. Your child can get even more creative with his pumpkin! 

fall crafts

This pine cone activity is perfect for children of all ages. All you need is a box, a few washable paint colors, and one or two pine cones. Squirt your paints in the box and have your child tilt the box left and right without making the pine cone fall out. For toddlers, they can have fun shaking the box until the pine cone is almost entirely covered. Bonus: these pine cones can be used as Christmas tree ornaments or fall table decor! 

fall crafts

My son absolutely loved painting his own tree! Just draw a tree trunk as a base and tell your child to use his/her finger for the leaves. My son loved dabbing his finger and saying “dot, dot, dot,” as he decorated the tree with red, orange, and yellow “leaves.” You can also use a Q-tip to avoid the mess.  

This activity is a lot of fun for little ones. Simply tape leaves of different shapes and sizes on a blank piece of paper and ask them to paint the leaves entirely. Then, on another blank piece of paper, use the leaves as stamps! Tip: be careful as you remove the tape, as the leaves may be brittle and break easily. 

fall craft

This activity can be done right before or after the fall leaf prints above. Simply have your child draw over the leaves on a blank sheet of paper, using them as stencils. The finished product is beautiful!

For some more infant and toddler approved crafts, check out these salt dough ornaments and ziplock masterpieces! 

What are some of your favorite fall crafts?