Getting Your Sexy Back, Postpartum: A Mom and Baby Workout You Can Do From Home


getting your sexy back postpartumIs getting your sexy back after having a baby possible? I remember being tired all the time. I barely had time to bathe, never mind feeling sexy.  I smelled like spit up and always had a beautiful baby attached to my boob. Some might say that is a beautiful image. Yes, it is. I LOVED becoming a mom and experiencing a new kind of life.  But I am also Norma…a woman.  My body changed after having my babies. It was rounder, loser, jigglier, wider, heavier, and just not sexy. I know, I know it’s normal. But why did I have to concede to that normal?  I heard it all. Eventually, you will lose weight. Eventually, you will have more time. Eventually, eventually, eventually…what about now?

I was never into yoga and back then I certainly wasn’t into running. So, what’s a new mom to do? You can easily find Mommy and Me yoga classes throughout Westchester. If you’re a runner, invest in a good running stroller and find a smooth path.  There are lots of groups you can join to run or jog with other moms and your baby in the stroller.  But, if you are like me, and neither yoga nor running is for you, then try to workout with your baby while holding them in a baby carrier. How brilliant is that? As long as your doctor says you can workout, you can get out there and get your hustle back. I was never keen on having a stranger in a gym watch my babies, so working out while holding my baby in a baby carrier at home would have been great for me.  Here is a workout you can do at home:

How do I get started?

All you need is your beautiful self, your bundle of joy, water, a baby carrier and your phone to time your movements. There is a free app called InteralTimer you can upload. Each section will have two movements that you will do three times. You will do them for one minute each with 15 seconds rest in between.  Don’t forget your baby and baby carrier. You don’t need weights because your baby is acting like a “weight vest”. Since the workout takes place in one spot, you don’t need lots of room. You will not be on the floor and you will not be jumping. Form is very important to prevent injury. If you have never worked out or are not sure how to do an exercise, go to a class or hire a personal trainer. Most importantly, do not workout unless you get the OK from your doctor. { You can do the added arm movements or you can hold your baby for added support. As you get stronger, you will feel comfortable enough to add the arms. }

The Workout

  1. Alternating front lunges (1 minute) Remember keep your knee over your ankle. You can raise your hands to the side for added strength  (15 second rest)
  2. Stationary squat (1 minute) hold your squat. You can raise your arms over your head for added strength  (15 second rest)

Repeat two more times.

  1. Alternating Lateral lunges  (1 minute) side lunges (15 second rest)
  2. Basic squats (1 minute) keep knees over ankles  (15 second rest)

Repeat two more times

  1. Alternating knee ups (1 minute) (15 second rest)
  2. Modified Jacks- No jumping. Put your right leg out to the right, with your toe touching the floor, while both arms go out to the side and up, then back together. Repeat on the left side. (1 minute) (15 second rest)

There are so many modifications and alternative exercise you can do at home. Never let anyone convince you it is too hard. You can do this for yourself without feeling guilty that you you are neglecting your baby.  You are actually bonding with your baby. 

What are the benefits of working out?

There are so many great benefits to working out.  It strengthens and tones your whole body. It boosts energy, relieves stress, and helps in the recovery and prevention of postpartum depression. It also helps get your sexy back. 



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Norma was born and raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She graduated from St. John's University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management. Norma had a very successful career in retail management with Bloomingdales and Kenneth Cole.  She moved to Westchester when she married. After giving birth to her boys she became obese. She saw a picture of herself and decided to make a permanent life style change.  Today, Norma is a certified personal trainer through the American Fitness Association of America, runs marathon and Spartan Races. She's creator and founder of Baby+MomFit Strength Training Class and winner Best of Westchester Editors Pick 2016.  Her hobbies are trying new fitness activities with her friends and family, buying makeup, cutting up old T-shirts and having her "flex meal" once a week