Healing Hands Maternal Spa: Skincare for Moms

This post is sponsored by Healing Hands Maternal Spa, but the opinions are my own.
Motherhood can take its toll on your skin, am I right? I have definitely developed lines and wrinkles since having my kids. Let me be clear – I am not ashamed of my smile lines. I have earned them in laughter and in the joy that my kids have multiplied a hundred times over. That said, I’m all about skincare products that help facilitate that youthful glow I left behind in my 20s.
That’s what you’ll find in the products from Healing Hands Maternal Spa. Best of all, they feature all natural nourishing ingredients that I can actually pronounce. I deeply appreciate seeing a short list of quality materials being put into my skincare.
The owner of Healing Hands is a mom herself, as well as a registered nurse who specializes in pediatrics and obstetrics. Her mission is to become a pioneer wellness center for pregnant women by creating a community of mothers who value holistic and complementary therapy modalities. 
I’ve spent the last few weeks trying out the complete facial products as well as the elderberry syrup. My favorite product is the anti-age serum, which sank deeply into my skin and gave my face a very fresh and lively appearance. The products are safe to use twice a day, but I used most of them only in the evening, for reasons I’ll get into here.
Soapless Herbal Facial Cleanser – This exfoliating formula leaves my face soft and supple. It’s a clay-based powder that you add water to in order to make a scrubby paste. I love this product, but it definitely has an herbal scent that isn’t strong and also doesn’t linger. To make it easy to use I transferred the powder to a glass jar and put a little wooden scoop in. You can use it twice daily, but I prefer to do it just at night when I have a little more time.
Rosewater Frankincense Toner – I haven’t used a toner in years. I love that this one is alcohol free. It doesn’t dry me out.
Anti-Age Serum – My fave product in this line. The directions say to apply wherever you notice signs of aging, but I just slap it all over. One pump covers my face and neck and feels amazing.
Hydrating Face Cream – This is too heavy for me to use in the morning, but it’s perfect as a night cream. My face is soft and hydrated in the morning, even in this dry winter air.
Elderberry Syrup – I’ve always wanted to try this stuff. I had a cold when it arrived and I’m very convinced that it helped.
Overall, I really enjoyed this line of all natural local products. In addition to great handmade skincare, Healing Hands Maternal Spa also offers a variety of in-house treatments. It is clear that they are dedicated to the beauty and wellness of motherhood.
You can find Healing Hands Maternal Spa in Mount Vernon. The spa offers services for women in all stages of pregnancy from fertility to postpartum. Services include: massage treatments, herbal facials, lactation counseling, prenatal fitness classes, new parent crash course, and more! All services and treatments use house-made products that are made with organically grown fruits, vegetables, and dried herbs so that mothers can feel confident that they are not exposing themselves and their baby to toxic chemicals. 

To learn more about Healing Hands Maternal Spa you can visit their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram

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