How Three Minutes Can Change Your World!


three minute challengeImagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” — Albert Einstein

Lately, I’ve been focusing on the power of visualization and intention setting, and now it seems like words, phrases, and articles on the subject are popping up all around me! 

I know that’s happened to you too. There’s actually a name for this; it’s called the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, aka frequency illusion — it’s when what you were thinking of or talking about begins popping up all over the place. You’re like, this is so weird, it must be divine intervention! Well, it’s not — hate to burst your bubble! It’s your brain dialing in on that thought and alerting you every time it comes into your scope. Pretty interesting that brain!

This quote from Einstein popped into my inbox today, reinforcing what I’ve been experimenting with this past week: visualization. I’ve been working on trying to create my future by imagining it before it happens.

Sadly I’m not there yet. In fact, I’m beginning to feel I’m creating quite the gap between who I am now vs. who I aspire to be—who is way more polished, professional, and dare I say successful than I am now, and I have no idea how I’m going to get there! Super-size that trepidation with my awe and amazement at watching Amanda Gorman, at only 22 years old, delivers what will become a timeless and treasured moment in our nation’s history — truly talented and awe-inspiring!

But, we know moms, just like we would say to our children, that’s all the more reason to continue and reach for the stars! We’re all on our own separate journey, and her path, your path, and our competitor’s path are all different. If we don’t believe in ourselves, stay true to our values, learn from our experiences, and challenge our status quo, we’ll never make it to the top of our mountain. 

The truth is, we all have the ability to blow ourselves away with what we’re able to accomplish. Our potential is limitless…all we have to do is stop being afraid to tap into it.

That’s why I’ve set up a three-minute challenge. All you have to do is, for three minutes a day, create your vision. Start with the broad strokes. And then, each day, add in a little detail. Then a little more. After a week, your vision will be your beacon, and you can begin taking intentional steps toward it. 

It’s a fun experiment and one that allows you to tap into your true, unearthed potential . Because, as I said, we have more potential than we realize, we choose to live on auto-pilot because it’s easier, less risky, less fearful, and much more comfortable. (The devil we know is better than the one we don’t!) 

If you’re not completely satisfied where you are in your life right now, or if you know you’re capable of more, give yourself three-minutes every day and begin creating that vision of your future self, the one who is living a more-than-fabulous life! 

Dare to imagine the big, bold, and audacious! Dare to envision a future that reflects your dreams, how you want to be, and how you want to feel! Dare to push yourself to hold onto that vision by seeing it every day and allow your subconscious to begin its calculations as it works to figure out how to get you from here…to there!

One last bit…visualization doesn’t work alone. Action is required, so once you have your vision, begin to take action. Do one thing every day, and soon enough, you’ll see your vision begin to come alive. It’s a process, and as I said, I’m not close to being there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday!