20 Easter Basket Stuffers (That Aren’t Candy!)


Easter basketSince I became a mom, I discovered a very new side of myself that I didn’t think would ever come out (like, ever.) I’ve become the crazy holiday mom. There, I’ve said it. Yes, I’ve become that nut job who plays Christmas music until early January and spends an hour and a half in The Christmas Tree Shop picking out the right Easter grass color. Yes, I go all out, even though–let’s be real–my 21-month-old will probably not remember any of it in a few months, and this is probably just me finding another “good” excuse to online shop. I can’t be the only one… am I?

Although I do love to mark the holidays for my son (and myself, apparently), I am, at the same time, not a fan of the insane amount of candy traditionally forced on us during the holidays. You must be thinking, ummm, who complains about too much chocolate? And I agree…no one does. But, with Easter right around the corner, I’m wondering whether the holidays really need to end in a sugar coma for our kiddos (or worst case scenario, a sugar high. Yikes!)

What I decided was that, no, my son does not need candy if he can’t even ask for it yet. I therefore went on the hunt to create the perfect candy-less basket, and, believe it or not, was thrilled to find that it was a relatively easy task. So with no further ado, here are 20 non-candy Easter basket stuffers that won’t break the bank and will still have your little ones grinning from ear to ear (I promise!).

  1. Wind-up toys mesmerize my son. Luckily, they seem to be an Easter staple! 

2. You don’t even need to fill these plastic eggs with anything, trust me. I sometimes wonder why I buy so many toys when my son has the most fun with an empty water bottle or plastic spoon. Less is more with our little ones!

3. Bubbles are an all time favorite! My son could catch bubbles all day, so I can’t think of a better basket stuffer for him!

4. Bunny ears (or masks) are always a good time. They are easily found in drugstores, dollar stores, and department stores. 

5. There are so many cute Easter books out there! I bought Elmo and Peppa Pig Easter board books for under four bucks on Amazon. A must!

6. Just because there’s no candy doesn’t mean you can’t include healthy snack alternatives. Pouches, Puffs, dried fruit, tangerines, the possibilities are endless!

7. You can never have too many sippy cups

8. The candy aisle has some pretty fun toys and knick knacks, too! I found these M&M tin eggs and fans and just know my son will love playing with these. 

9. Depending on your child’s age, Play-Doh can be a great basket stuffer! 

10. You can never have too many puzzles!

11. I found these cute plastic windmills at The Christmas Tree Shop for just over a dollar. A fun twist on the traditional Easter basket!

12.Easter socks. Enough said!

13. How cute is this Peter Rabbit figurine

14. If your child loves stuffed animals as much as mine does, there are so many cheap options on Amazon, Home Goods, and other department stores. 

15. My son loves ball sets!

16. You can’t go wrong with washable chalk and crayons!

17. I found the cutest Easter window clings and stickers at The Christmas Tree Shop! 

18. For little ones, water coloring books are a great activity.

19. For older kids, coloring books.

20. Sticker books are a great alternative to candy! 

Voila! Hope this post gives you some inspiration for the upcoming holiday. Whether you decide to go the no candy route or just opt for less of it, just keep in mind that there are tons of affordable options out there! Ours (tin basket, cello wrap, and easter grass included) cost about 20 bucks! 

What does your child’s Easter basket look like this year?


  1. These are great ideas for little ones. My older kids also like DVDs, little notepads and pencils, glow sticks, and stickers! When my first born was 2 or 3 I filled her eggs with gold fish crackers and she was really happy! Now the Easter Bunny fills the eggs with coins! For less than $10 my kids are super happy and sugar high free!

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